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DealerOn Inc. unveiled its new Signals platform

Signals and SXC transform Automotive Website Personalization by enhancing the user experience and increasing marketing efficiency and ROI for dealerships.

DealerOn Inc. has unveiled its new Signals platform, a game-changer in automotive website personalization. This cutting-edge, open ecosystem harnesses a diverse range of a dealer’s own data sources, including browsing behavior from Google Analytics (GA4) data, third-party customer data platforms, digital advertising, and email marketing interactions, to deliver unparalleled personalization for every visitor.

“DealerOn Signals embodies our commitment to innovation, bringing a level of personalization previously unseen in the automotive industry,” said Ali Amirrezvani, CEO of DealerOn Inc. “It’s about creating a familiar yet unique shopping environment for each consumer that mirrors the sophistication of today’s e-commerce experiences.”

For dealerships looking to turbocharge the solution, DealerOn presents Signals Experience Cloud (SXC) powered by The comprehensive solution provides an integrated audience activation platform and automates the consumer personalization experience. Shoppers receive a tailored experience from cookieless first-party data, enriched by Dealership Management System (DMS)-driven audience segmentation and identity resolution. Dealers can plan and activate media via the all-in-one audience and attribution platform with the use of Generative AI, seamlessly integrating with the DealerOn Signals platform for a truly individualized shopper experience.

Adding his vision, David Regn, CEO of, stated, “2024 will be the year dealers are finally able to provide website shopper personalization in harmony with a first-party audience, activation and attribution strategy in the delivery of a modern retailing experience. Achieving this unified approach will set the stage for the next wave of market share shifts with the most forward-thinking dealers reaping the benefits of what is truly possible with audiences this year.”

Experience the future of auto retail with DealerOn’s cutting-edge personalization technology – where every click drives a connection. DealerOn & will be showcasing these offerings at booths 4313W (DealerOn) and 4921W ( at the NADA 2024 show in Las Vegas. Interested parties can also set up a demo by submitting a request on the following page:

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