Deepcrawl rebrands to Lumar & expands website intelligence platform

  • The rebrand accompanies an expanded platform outlook to serve cross-functional digital teams, with features for additional disciplines rolling out soon.
  • Lumar’s website intelligence platform helps businesses streamline their digital operations with a centralized command center for improving their websites’ technical health and search engine performance to drive organic growth.

A leader in the technical SEO space, SaaS platform Deepcrawl has today rebranded as Lumar. The updated brand identity accompanies an expanded vision for the future of Lumar’s website intelligence platform and additional product features aimed at providing digital leaders with at-a-glance website monitoring capabilities and clear, actionable insights into their websites’ technical health and performance. The new Lumar branding was developed in collaboration with Verve, a leading branding agency, and based on extensive user interviews and market research.

A website’s technical foundations play a major role in search engine visibility and user experience — factors that heavily influence a business’s brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and sales. For enterprise businesses with thousands or millions of pages on their site, maintaining a technically sound website that is optimized for search engines and poised to drive growth often involves multiple departments. A pain point exists around uniting all of the varying roles that work on a website, including marketing, SEO, engineering, product, UX, and leadership teams.

Lumar’s expanded platform roadmap will align cross-functional digital teams with a centralized source of knowledge and a common language for website health efforts. To this end, Lumar’s features include industry-specific website health scores and benchmarking tools, clear high-level traffic funnel views, and in-depth analytics to better monitor websites’ technical health and uncover opportunities for website-driven growth. Early trial access to new features will be available to Lumar users in the coming weeks.

On the new branding, Lumar’s CEO, Craig Dunham, said:

“As Lumar, our name now matches our mission to empower businesses to achieve digital operations excellence. As websites have grown more complex and the opportunities for website-driven growth have expanded, we saw a powerful need to innovate upon existing offerings and shape the digital marketing landscape with a new, forward-thinking category: website intelligence.

The need for website intelligence extends beyond a single department or role — digital marketers, SEOs, developers, product teams, and leadership all need insight into their websites’ health and its effect on broader business goals. Our recent innovations in Lumar’s website crawling technology have enabled us to build out new solutions that will help these cross-functional teams work together and boost the impact of their website efforts.”

Since 2010, Lumar has provided technical SEO solutions for businesses around the world. The platform will continue to serve technical SEO teams, in addition to developing solutions for broader digital teams across an organization. Following Series B funding in 2020, Lumar launched new solutions for website monitoring and SEO testing automation, in addition to releasing a major update to its core website crawling technology.  The enhanced crawler is built for speed and flexibility, and its powerful capabilities in custom data extraction have helped fuel Lumar’s expansion to serve new disciplines.

The new name and visual identity come from the concept of illumination. Lumar helps businesses see their websites’ technical foundations clearly in order to shed light on new opportunities to drive website traffic and conversions.

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