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DeepIntent Awarded Patent for Ad Optimization

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With patented technology, the DeepIntent® Demand Side Platform is the first and only proven Demand Side Platform to drive up to 35% higher script lift through the use of real-world clinical data

DeepIntent, the leading independent healthcare marketing technology company built purposefully to influence patient health and business outcomes, announced it has been awarded a patent for DeepIntent Outcomes from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This makes DeepIntent the only demand side platform (DSP) using patented technology to link real-world clinical data with impression data to measure and optimize live campaigns toward audience quality (AQ) and script performance metrics.

With DeepIntent’s patented technology, healthcare marketers can measure and algorithmically optimize live campaigns toward real-world business outcomes, such as AQ and script lift (TRx, NRx, NBRx), based on prescribing behaviors and verified exposures against the industry’s most timely and comprehensive clinical and pharmaceutical datasets.

“DeepIntent Outcomes represents the culmination of five years in healthcare marketing innovation to unify campaign planning, activation, measurement, and optimization,” said DeepIntent CEO Chris Paquette. “Aided by the industry’s most comprehensive, timely, and actionable datasets, DeepIntent Outcomes enables marketers to go beyond clicks and impressions to zero in on the metrics that matter. Daily data refreshes give marketers the confidence to know their campaigns are optimized toward real-world business performance, yielding better patient outcomes.”

DeepIntent Outcomes, launched earlier this year, brings significant, differentiated features and capabilities to the market. Those include measuring how key campaign parameters, such as audience, media, and messaging, drive script lift. Each aspect of campaign performance is considered and auto-optimized by privacy-safe machine learning algorithms that select the optimal creative, audience, frequency, context, and locations to serve ads. The optimization algorithms also help uncover unexpected insights in real-time, resulting in lowered costs and unprecedented ROI.

“DeepIntent is a visionary company that shares our mission to ensure patients are receiving the right treatment at the right time. Leveraging Komodo Health’s comprehensive real-world database within its platform and DeepIntent’s DSP, marketers can chart the connections between advertising campaigns and patient outcomes,” said Lauren Stahl, Vice President and Head of Partnerships, Healthcare Solutions at Komodo Health, a healthcare software company that has built the industry’s largest and most complete database of de-identified, real-world patient data. “In our partnership with DeepIntent, healthcare marketers can manage their campaigns with unprecedented speed and precision, and ultimately, improve outcomes.”

DeepIntent Outcomes uniquely allows healthcare marketers to:

  • Plan and coordinate healthcare provider and direct-to-consumer campaigns based on patient and provider insights, including past and present script performance;
  • Activate media across channels, including display, video, and connected TV, and devices while bidding to improve business outcomes;
  • Measure how each campaign is performing in real-time; and
  • Optimize in-flight campaigns by automatically adjusting campaign parameters to increase audience quality and scripts while maximizing media efficiency.

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