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DeepTarget Announces Newest Solution Offering for FIs

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DeepTarget Inc., a solution provider that utilizes data mining and business intelligence in order to deliver targeted communications across digital channels for banks and credit unions, announced their newest service offering for their clients, DXP Managed Services. Clients can now outsource end-to-end DXP operations to DeepTarget professionals to develop, execute, monitor and optimize their multi-channel digital campaigns for the best outcomes.

Digital engagement and cross-selling to account holders has become a critical requirement for financial institutions in a hyper competitive environment that is characterized by high consumer expectations on their retail digital experiences. The situation is further complicated with over-burdened marketing departments needing resources to understand current best practices for optimal digital connection and engagement.

Responding to increased demand, the newly released DXP Managed Services facilitates the use of trained DXP consultants from DeepTarget who will leverage their always-current DXP expertise and prevailing best practices to provide FI clients with an ongoing turnkey solution for digital engagement and marketing. Included in the solution is the conceptualizing of marketing campaigns for best results, data ingestion and mining, authoring and refreshing campaigns on a regular basis, monitoring performance and providing detailed metrics of the outcomes to the FIs.

Offered as two different plans, Essentials and Premium, DXP Managed Services covers the spectrum of capabilities and requirements starting with an economical bundle that drives excellent results and an alternative premier option that unlocks the highest level of digital marketing expertise that includes the conceptualizing, design and implementation of multiple, diverse data-driven campaigns that can drive up to a 10x increase in product sales. More information on both plans including a comparison of these two options can be found here.

“We have been hearing from clients and the market about the intense focus on digital engagement strategies, but this is combined with the lack of adequate resources to make this happen,” said Preetha Pulusani, CEO of DeepTarget. “DXP Managed Services is our offering to meet these requirements that have become ever more critical for financial institutions in order to remain competitive. By leveraging the hands-on expertise and experience of DXP consultants, we are looking forward to helping our customers augment and optimize multi-channel digital marketing for highly profitable outcomes while helping to reduce their costs.”

Benefits of DXP Managed Services include the availability of high quality digital marketing expertise and the use of the most current industry best practices while keeping costs low and providing support as needed. This has the potential to free up FI staff to focus on other core objectives in addition to the ability to scale these services up or down. With DXP Managed Services, DXP is always on and actively monitored for the best outcomes in digital engagement and cross-selling. DXP Consultants will constantly monitor and measure performance of all active campaigns, refreshing and redoing those that need it. The financial institution is guaranteed to receive excellent results in increasing product sales and account-holder loyalty.

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