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Del Taco Selects Customer Engagement Solutions Cheetah Digital

The recently-launched loyalty offering will enable Del Taco to significantly enhance its customer personalization efforts
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Cheetah Digital, a leading provider of cross-channel customer engagement solutions for many of the world’s most well-known brands, has today announced its partnership with Del Taco on the creation and launch of the Del Yeah! Rewards program. Del Yeah! Rewards will offer Del Taco customers a myriad of never-before-seen offers, rewards and experiences, which increase along with usage of the app, and is made possible by Cheetah Digital’s top-to-bottom customer engagement suite. Importantly, Del Taco has chosen Cheetah Digital for all aspects of its new rewards program – including app development, data acquisition, customer targeting, messaging, and more.

As the nation’s second largest Mexican quick service restaurant (QSR), Del Taco’s commitment to fully understanding the unique preferences for each of its customers – and boosting engagement with them based on those preferences – is indicative of larger trends within the food & beverage industry. With impending regulations on consumer data privacy, changes to mobile IDFA policies, and the demise of cookies, third-party data is no longer viable for brands to collect information about their customers. Del Yeah! Rewards represents a major step forward in Del Taco’s ability to engage with its customers, which could be a model for other restaurants in the QSR category.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Del Taco on this new initiative and help the company enhance the emotional connection it has with its already devoted customer base,” noted Richard Jones, Chief Marketing Officer for Cheetah Digital. “We no longer live in a world where personalization depends on chance. Technology now exists that allows marketers to learn more about the psychographic interests of a brand’s customers than ever before, and with this new loyalty program, we believe Del Taco is one of the first to fully embrace this.”

Customers who join Del Yeah! Rewards will be able to start earning points that can be used for future promotions and giveaways, and higher levels of rewards tiers will be unlocked based on usage. The user interface and specific offers that each customer receives will be entirely unique to that individual customer’s preferences. “At Del Taco, ensuring that our customers feel appreciated and fully satisfied with their visit is what we strive for the most,” noted Erin Levzow, Del Taco’s Vice President of Marketing Technology. “Del Yeah! Rewards takes this to a whole new level, which wouldn’t otherwise be possible without Cheetah Digital’s solutions.”

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