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Demandbase Expands Predictive Analytics Capabilities for ABX Cloud

B2B Go-to-Market Leader Continues to Blaze a Trail with Technology & Company Recognition
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Demandbase, the B2B go-to-market leader, today announced noteworthy new features released in the Demandbase One ABX Cloud. Already rich in analytics, the ABX Cloud now expands those capabilities further with Multiple Predictive Models. Included in the Engagement Platform, this feature enables customers to create customized Pipeline Predict and Qualification Score models for any product, business unit or industry — on their own, without the need for professional services. This is groundbreaking for predictive analytics and empowers customers to determine the best accounts to pursue across business segments.

“One of the biggest issues with other predictive models today is that they either take in too many signals across too many products and activity types, which makes the end result far too generalized, or they require significant professional services to customize, which takes too much time,” said Jon Miller, chief marketing and product officer at Demandbase. “Our Multiple Predictive Models completely upends this, improving the actionability of predictive scores and eliminating confusion. With every release, like this one, we’re helping customers fine-tune their Account Based Experience with relevance and insights at every stage of the journey.”

This new feature allows users to score accounts according to their fit and interest with different business segments. Additionally, it offers more control over the data that trains each model, which maximizes the accuracy of each score. With multiple Pipeline Predict models, marketing and sales teams know the right product areas to focus on before each prospect call, and marketing teams are able to easily build target account lists for campaigns with product-specific messaging. Furthermore, customers can create a Qualification Score model that learns their ideal customer profile (ICP) from a list of aspirational accounts that represent a new market segment they’re targeting.

One of the best parts of all this functionality is that customers don’t need complex professional services to put it into action. This is often needed with other predictive analytics vendors, resulting in control being taken away from customers and taking more time end-to-end. While Demandbase offers assistance in setting up models with its onboarding and professional services team, the company is putting the power of the creation and iteration of predictive models in the hands of customers’ marketing and data science teams so they can own their data and results.

In addition to Multiple Predictive Models, recent releases also included:

  • Role-Based Dashboards — Out-of-the-box dashboards for marketing and sales users help highlight data and insights relevant to those teams within Demandbase One. Custom dashboards can also be created by admins.
  • Sales Insight Dashboard — Another new dashboard, delivered within Salesforce, visualizes a number of insights key to uncovering the current health of any given market or territory, including: accounts by journey stage, hot accounts, re-engaged accounts, high-intent accounts, hot contacts this month, and top accounts.
  • Top Intent Keywords Added to Snapshot Emails — An additional content section is now available within Demandbase’s customizable snapshot emails, which highlights the top intent behaviors across a user’s account list. This gives companies more flexibility to enable sellers with pivotal information that will help them understand their territory better.
  • Advanced Field Management — New controls are available in the Field Management settings to activate field data in the Demandbase One platform by specific sources and/or the combined representation. This gives admins and users more control over the data they see and use within the platform.

In mid-June, the company also hosted a virtual event for everything ABX and B2B go-to-market. The event was a huge success, drawing more than 1,300 registrations to learn from industry-leading ABX experts on how to build trust with buyers, identify key moments for engagement and how to orchestrate the perfect interactions.

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