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Demostack unveiled its AI Data Generator

Revolutionizing the World of Demo Management with AI-Powered Customization

Demostack, the only place for all things demo, unveiled its AI Data Generator today. This is a significant advancement for demo managers, enabling the creation of customized demos effortlessly and at scale. Now customer-facing teams can deliver professionally tailored demos on every call to drive sales faster down the funnel and win more deals.

Customize Demos at Scale with Demostack’s AI Data Generator

With generative AI embedded into Demostack, demo managers can quickly tailor demos to specific segments, personas, and industries. The AI Data Generator populates new products with realistic data, replaces personally identifiable information (PII), and replaces dummy data with smart data.

Customized Demos Win Deals

Leading Customer Success and Product Experience Platform, Gainsight is using Demostack’s AI Data Generator to scale even more custom demos. David Greene, Sr. Solutions Manager at Gainsight, commented, “Our experience with Demostack-powered demos has already led to an 8% increase in win rates. The AI Data Generator will enable us to continue this upward trajectory by producing more customized demos at scale.”

Top Use Cases of AI Data Generator:

  1. Scrub PII: Ensure customer data protection without burdening product or R&D teams.
  2. Make Dummy Data SMART: Generating context-specific data for every demo scenario.
  3. Fill Demos with Data: Add data to empty, stale, or outdated demo environments.

An Enabler to Expand into New Markets

When expanding to international markets, new industries, launching new products, or going upmarket, the demo must reflect the new prospect.

  • Sell internationally with local phone numbers, names and addresses
  • Break into new verticals with new product content and terminology
  • Sell upmarket by intelligently replacing smaller numbers with larger numbers

Reflecting the Customer in Every Demo

Jonathan Friedman, co-founder and CEO of Demostack, emphasizes the importance of relatability in demos. “A perfect demo acts as a mirror, reflecting the customer in the product. Our GenAI-driven editing features enable our customers to craft perfect demos for every customer type. In a highly competitive environment, Demostack ensures that demos are professional, predictable, and relevant,” said Friedman.

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