DesignRush Reveals The Top SEO Tactics That Improve Rankings In 2019 – Plus

A recent report states that every second, more than 67 thousand searches are performed in Google. DesignRush researched some of the trends that are transforming SEO tactics and ranked the top search engine optimization companies that can create innovative SEO strategies to help improve rankings.
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According to a recent report, 67 thousand searches are conducted on Google every second. In fact, companies are constantly in need of innovating and updating their tactics to improve their website search engine rankings., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, uncovered the top SEO tactics that increase SEO rankings and the companies that can drive brands forward with an innovative SEO strategy.

Here are 5 successful SEO trends that impact search engine rankings:

1. Technical SEO

Technical SEO determines the quality of a company website based on factors like speed and code. By optimizing the technical aspect of a website, search engines can crawl and index it better which can be beneficial to obtain a higher ranking.

Some steps to take in the direction of technical search engine optimization include:

1. Fix broken links.
2. Remove duplicate pages.
3. Test and improve website speed.
4. Ensure the website is mobile-friendly.

One of the most important aspects to consider when working to improve SEO rankings is the loading speed, as it can hinder conversions by increasing the bounce rate.

2. On-Page SEO

From content formatting to technical tags, on-page SEO includes a series of important steps that are aimed to refine and enhance search engine rankings.

This area takes into account aspects such as:

● The use of headings and subheadings (including the H1, H2 and H3 tags, CSS codes).
● The correct use of keywords (including avoiding keyword stuffing).
● The complexity and readability of the content.
● And more!

3. Meta Tags

Meta Tags are keywords that are strategically located in the code of a site to help search engines better analyze and crawl the content. They include the meta title, meta description and meta keywords.

Search engine crawlers look at the meta tags in the indexing process to analyze and compare if they are related to the content. For that reason, their correct use plays a key part in helping to recognize valuable content and in turn, obtaining improved rankings.

4. Title Tag

Title tags allow Google to know the broadscale topic of a web page. They are the text that appears as the main headline in search engines and should be 70 characters long, including spaces and punctuation.

The correct use of the title tag proves to be helpful in the proper categorization of a website in a search engine.

5. Sitemap Submission

Google defines the sitemap as “a file that lists the web pages of a site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of the site content. “

It is recommended for search engine optimization to submit a site’s sitemap via Google. To submit the sitemap, a verification process needs to be completed, followed by the actual submission using the Google Search Console.

Submitting a website to Google may sound like a simple step, but in reality, it can be beneficial to companies that want to increase their search engine positioning.

“Some of the trends improve SEO rankings are not necessarily obvious, so companies should research new ways to better their search engine optimization tactics,” says Gabriel Shaoolian, founder and chief executive officer of DesignRush. “When brands take the time to invest in a strong technical website foundation built with effective search engine optimization strategies, they will see faster results, increased organic traffic and ultimately long-term business benefits.”

DesignRush also ranks the best search engine firms that can optimize SEO tactics.

The top SEO companies from around the world are:

1. K2 Analytics

K2 Analytics has solidified itself as a premier digital marketing agency, providing services to businesses both in the local and international market. As a Certified Google Ad Partner, K2 Analytics has separated itself from other SEO and marketing agencies by taking the time to understand the business, brand, competition, and goals of their clients. With over ten years of experience in SEO tactics, K2 Analytics prides itself on being well-versed at knowing the correct methods to elevate a business to the next level.


2. LeadValets

LeadValets is an agency that helps its clients to get leads via social media marketing and online presence domination. The concept behind LeadValets is to help improve the client experience in the markets they serve. By doing this, they aid thriving businesses to support and build better lives within the communities they serve. Their process is focused on generating high-quality inbound leads from prospects currently seeking their clients’ products and services.

3. BlueMatrix Media

BlueMatrix Media is a team built by industry veterans with over 45 years of combined experience. Their client roster includes Accenture, Dell, Ford and Volkswagen. The team at BlueMatrix Media takes pride in being “real”. They have offices in Dallas, Frisco, and Denver and offer thorough experience backed by a real portfolio and success stories. BlueMatrix Media brings horsepower and knowledge to even the smallest project at prices that fit every budget.

4. Direction Inc.

Direction Inc. is a digital marketing agency with three specific focuses: search engine optimization, WordPress web design and development and digital advertising. The team at Direction Inc. is dedicated to long-lasting client relationships and market domination for every client. Direction Inc. doesn’t just rank their clients high in search engines, they create a memorable website experience for their target audience through design, content and analyzing analytics based on user interaction.

5. Wegacha

Wegacha is a marketing and creative agency from Miami, Florida. They focus on providing results-oriented services in the areas of SEO, social media and brand identity. Their team is passionate about what they do and can help brands make informed decisions to ensure their investment is aligned with their business objectives.

6. Adloonix

Adloonix is an independent data-driven marketing agency that provides market research and CX strategies for brands and startups. They help brands to become more profitable, simplify their business processes and decrease their marketing expenses. Their team is equipped to increase brand awareness and drive higher quality leads to sales for brands.

7. Artimization

Artimization is a marketing agency that focuses on helping brands generate organic traffic. Their team is experienced in nailing down the specific demands of search engines. They work with companies to update and shift trends specifically to generate organic traffic and draw the attention of their audience.

8. Bop Design

Bop Design provides web design, content marketing, and branding services to B2B companies. They know that client acquisition is not the same for B2B as it is for B2C. The Bop Design team understands the B2B marketing and sales funnel and the strategies that generate and nurture ideal client leads.

9. Brandtastic

Brandastic is an award-winning website design and digital marketing agency specializing in a holistic approach to brand stories. They focus on building a solid foundation through branding, eCommerce development, SEO and online marketing. Their team offers a personalized approach to ignite the potential of their clients for future growth.


DEEPBLUE is a full-service, custom web design agency that specializes in creating an entirely new user experience through responsive design. They create impactful multi-platform solutions for meaningful brands and offer a suite of creative services to improve the online visibility and impact of their business.

11. Digitally up

Digitally up is a direct response digital marketing agency in Australia that aims to bring businesses to the next level with tailored digital marketing practices. Their sole purpose is making their clients’ businesses run as successfully as possible through their wide-reaching and cross-channel campaigns to convert the right customers.

12. E29 Marketing

E29 Marketing is a full-service, strategic marketing agency that delivers measurable results. An independent and woman-owned shop, E29 is comprised of a seasoned team of marketing specialists that are focused on elevating the agency experience. Their team prides themselves on delivering great and valuable products and services.

13. Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers is a growth marketing agency that helps businesses from all around the globe grow with well-executed SEO strategies. Their team provides online marketing services, such as advertising, copywriting, email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. They help brands generate leads, automate their processes and optimize their conversions to get more sales.

14. Highly Persuasive

Highly Persuasive is a strategic branding and marketing agency based in Bangkok. They help clients in Southeast Asia and around the world to create intriguing, objective-driven brands that stand and get them noticed. By discovering the needs, wants and desires of their clients’ customers, they are able to design brand experiences that work to guide them through the buyer’s journey naturally.

15. IIH Global

IIH Global believes in coming up with innovative ideas to deliver excellence in the services they provide. Their technical expertise and experience have led them to become one of the top website design companies of the UK and India. Their team shapes clients’ ideas and serve them in the form of websites, applications, software and SEO services to get the best returns on investment.

16. ioVista

ioVista, Inc. is a full-service digital agency with offices in Dallas, TX and Detroit, MI. ioVista specializes in website design, web development, eCommerce, SEO and content marketing services. With over 15 years of experience, ioVista has built a niche in designing websites on major platforms such as Magento, Shopify and WordPress.

17. Matchbox Design Group

Matchbox Design Group is a group of creative individuals with expertise in many areas including website design, SEO, social media and web development. Their team is also capable of providing services for branding and strategic marketing.


MaxAudience is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with online lead generation and conversion at its core. They assist medium and large-scale businesses with precise, high ROI, marketing campaigns that deliver great results. Their team has contributed to legendary campaigns such as the launch of the GM Mastercard.

19. Modofi

Modofi is a team of digital marketers and media creators with years of experience creating compelling videos, engaging content and running strategic marketing campaigns that are 100% focused on ROI. They are passionate about helping brands develop a strong marketing and media strategy. Their team loves seeing businesses grow and genuinely make long-lasting relationships with their clients.

20. Navega Bem Digital Design

Navega Bem Digital Design is a full-service digital marketing, development and responsive web design agency based in Madeira, Portugal. Their expertise in the web design industry goes back to the early ’90s where they began creating attractive, high ranking web sites. Today, they are engaged in the successful production of device-independent web projects in many diverse industries on an international level.

21. Radish Lab

Radish Lab is an award-winning, interactive design agency based in Brooklyn and Berlin that is focused on social impact projects. They empower social change organizations to amplify their missions through creative collaboration, storytelling, and technology that activates their communities.

22. Red Spot Design

Red Spot Design has designed hundreds of websites for all kinds of budgets and audiences. Their team provides personalized services to help their customers drive conversions and sales. They promise to listen to their clients’ needs to help their business grow and succeed as they become part of their clients’ marketing team.

23. Smashed Media

Smashed Media is a results-focused digital marketing agency. They believe that excellence requires bold ambition and incredible talent. With vast experience in web development, graphic design, digital marketing, branding and corporate identity development, they can optimize brands positioning and help to seamlessly integrate technology, data and design.

24. Social Media 55

Social Media 55 is an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency. Established in 2014, Social Media 55 quickly grew to be one of America’s fastest-growing social media agencies. They offer an array of services such as social media management, digital marketing services, programmatic advertising and Instagram engagement services.

25. The Source Approach

The Source Approach is a marketing agency with more than 10 years of experience in helping companies thrive at eCommerce. They help companies to select the most profitable platforms for their product and position them in various channels


UNINCORPORATED is an LA-based branding agency focused on web design, ad creative, and digital marketing. They help brands achieve their goals by enhancing the way they think and communicate. Their team is proud to offer a full range of creative services that support their clients’ creative, branding, and marketing efforts.

27. Urteam

Urteam is an agency with the goal of providing their clients with high-level service, more similar to an in-house project rather than a third-party web development agency. They possess the experience and expertise to ensure quality projects that exceed all expectations. Their consultancy style and website design services aim to guarantee their clients’ satisfaction.

28. Visualwebz LLC

Visualwebz LLC is a web design and internet marketing company offering services locally as well as globally since 2008. Their services include online marketing, search engine optimization, content writing and website development. With a wealth of experience in fostering small to medium-sized business websites, they handle the whole website development process from design to the final product.

Brands can view the best search engine optimization agencies from around the world by price, portfolios, reviews, leadership, expertise, rankings and more on DesignRush.

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