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Green Lotus Agency Lunches Smart Site Website Builder Designed to Maximize SEO and UE

My Smart Site is the newest innovation launched by Green Lotus, a do-it-yourself website builder that uses the latest technology to deliver an interactive, unique, personalized experience to each website visitor, and help businesses increase conversions.
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Bassem Ghali, CEO of Green Lotus, a premiere marketing agency, responds to market needs, announcing the launch My Smart Site Website Builder; an interactive, intelligent website builder that delivers a unique, personalized experience to each visitor. Business owners now have the opportunity to hyper-target visitors and personalize their most valuable business offers through coupon codes, popups, and the notification bar.

“Business owners are busy and need a one-stop-shop for their online branding. My Smart Site is an innovative solution for business websites, encompassing all the prerequisites required to have an optimized, mobile-friendly, and conversion-driven branded presence online” says Bassem Ghali.

The innovative website builder allows businesses to create a one-to-one visitor experience with their brand online, speaking directly to potential customers and their needs. With Green Lotus, Smart Site’s one-of-a-kind website personalization tools businesses can create rules that trigger changes in the appearance of website content to meet individual visitors’ needs based on date, time of day, device type, geographic location, and more. Greet first-time visitors with a special video message, a unique offer, or book appointment popup. Give returning visitors a special discount coupon code to reward their loyalty, or book a call popup to answer any questions they might have. Deliver nearby mobile or tablet users a special message, get directions, or show a map button.

My Smart Site is designed to meet Google’s highest standards for website optimization, prioritizing security, speed and user experience as the most important ranking algorithm factors. The Google optimized website builder includes a lightning-fast website, hosted by Amazon Servers, the best on-demand, cloud computing platform. Smart Site technology and the Amazon platform keep websites secure with encryption and SSL certificates at no extra charge.

In today’s competitive marketplace more than 60% of web traffic and online sales originate from mobile devices. Google’s algorithm also includes mobile user experience as a ranking factor, rewarding websites that are mobile optimized. The Green Lotus Smart Site Website Builder is specifically designed to be mobile-first, including mobile-friendly features like easy thumb navigation, click-to-call actions, helping businesses convert more visitors into paying customers. Businesses need a brand representation online that converts visitors into customers. With a mobile-friendly website builder, they can deliver superior user experience, hyper-target website visitors with tailored content that meets their needs and device, converting them into paying customers with just one click.

More about Green Lotus Digital Marketing Agency:
Green Lotus is a Toronto-based agency dedicated to providing businesses with effective online marketing strategies and lead generation solutions. With a focus on optimizing the number and quality of online leads, Green Lotus goes the extra mile to consult, create, and implement the most appropriate online marketing strategies based on business needs.

In response to market needs, Green Lotus launched SEO Tools designed to help small and medium business owners to get a handle on their SEO activities, and can scale up to meet the needs of savvy internet marketers who manage multiple websites on a daily bases, and want to save time. Green Lotus Tools, with their simple yet insightful dashboards, are SEO-driven insights and competitive research for the most productive SEO beginner and marketing guru alike.

Now, the business also has access to the latest innovation from Green Lotus; My Smart Site, a do-it-yourself website builder that offers a unique, personalized user experience to all website visitors.

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