DevRev announces the public launch of DevCRM

This new take on CRM allows modern software companies to bring departments together and support their customers "as one"

DevRev, a company bringing developers and engineers closer to customers, today announced the public launch of DevCRM: the only API-driven, developer-first customer relationship management (CRM) platform for product-led SaaS companies.

In an era of all things product-led, DevRev’s converged “DevCRM” platform brings together customer support conversations and tickets with developer issues and product enhancements. Today’s companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to stitch together Slack channels, emails, and in-app widgets with support portals, product boards, and issue tracking software. Yet, these hand-crafted solutions often lead to subscription churn and low customer satisfaction. Tomorrow’s design focused, customer obsessed companies will use product and user centric CRMs to ensure every employee delivers customer success.

To realize this vision, DevRev today also announced the general availability of its Support app, an in-app widget, and APIs and webhooks for modern software companies that believe in the power of one: one support engineer, one team between support engineers and developers, and one customer success culture across all. The newly unveiled Support app unifies departments to collaborate as one social team in real-time. This is Product-Led Support!

“Over the last six months of using DevCRM, we’ve been able to experience the product, customer, and developer trifecta that can take a product-led company from good to great. It’s no secret that DevRev is at the forefront of product-led customer communications. We’re thankful they’ve helped us lower costs, net better economics, and most importantly, increase customer satisfaction,” said Alok Mishra, CTO, and co-founder of GoodMeetings. “As a deep tech company, our customers are developers who prefer to communicate via Slack. Our customers love this kind of communication because it feels like 100ms is their video backend team. But managing thousands of Slack channels was becoming challenging. With DevRev, we can scale our customer communications and move beyond archaic customer support systems,” said Kshitij Gupta, CEO, and co-founder, 100ms.

“Like Nutanix, we are looking at DevRev as another marathon in a large market with established competitors,” said Dheeraj Pandey, CEO, and co-founder of DevRev. “But this decade, with our APIs and webhooks, we will be leaning heavily on the developer community to help us build a modern company with powerful network effects.”

“We’ve been monomaniacally focused on design to converge the workflows of customer support, product management, and developers,” added Manoj Agarwal, President, and co-founder of DevRev. “Convergence was a big mantra for us at Nutanix, and we won the hearts and minds of our users because we integrated people and their use cases.”

The DevCRM platform syncs GitHub, Jira, legacy CRMs, and Slack events in real time with DevRev’s modern issues, tickets, and conversations, elevating managers — technical account managers, project managers, product managers, and customer success managers – to drive user adoption and retention. This is the new convergence!

Please see the product demo video and slides with more information.

DevRev also announced that it has now raised $70M in seed capital since its inception in 2020. “While this could be the largest seed in the history of Silicon Valley, our employees in five locations around the world are stretching the dollar as far as they can – with automation, cloud observability, and using a minimal set of business software tools,” said Pandey. “DevRev-on-DevRev has kept us disciplined and tightly knit as a company.”

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