DHGATE Group Unveils Core Strategies at Seller Conference 2023


DHgate, China’s leading cross-border e-commerce marketplace, successfully hosted its Seller Conference 2023 in Shenzhen on March 28th. As part of its core strategy for 2023, DHgate announced it would continue to focus on the creator economy, actively promote the integration of online and offline global business, and upgrade the supply chain based on the needs of content creator buyers. During the event, DHgate also launched its “Nebula Plan” to support 1,000 high-quality merchants and connect them with 1 million global content creators. The plan will create a new model of e-commerce that integrates online and offline business. The conference attracted more than 1,500 sellers to participate.

DHGATE Group aims to accelerate its entry into the US market, integrating its cutting-edge resources to create a new cross-border e-commerce O2O solution that combines its robust global supply chain with social commerce, cross-border e-commerce, and local offline experiences.

In February 2023, DHgate launched the first DH Showroom in Los Angeles, which attracted numerous social media content creators with millions of followers. The DH Showroom serves as the forefront of DHgate’s services for overseas buyers and content creators, providing a new model and space for profound interaction. Through direct contact and exposure to physical commodities showcased in DH Showrooms, the rate of transactions is set to outpace transactions taking place online. DHgate announced at the Seller Conference 2023 that it would make a bigger move into the US local offline market, planning to open 100 DH Showrooms within three years to provide services to overseas buyers, partners, and content creators and to make trending products and personalized services more accessible.

In addition, DHgate has launched a local partner distribution system in the US domestic market, carrying out in-depth cooperation with DH Ambassadors, partners with a strong network and sales capabilities in vertical industries or regions. These partnerships will provide a one-stop service for the sourcing and assembly of goods, technical support, logistics warehousing, supply chain finance, as well as competitive distribution commissions, thereby helping platform sellers to achieve their goals.

In 2023, DHgate will extensively promote the upgrade of domestic supply through the stratification of sellers and commodities, allowing sellers at different stages of business development to obtain highly relevant benefits and support. Based on DHgate’s powerful AI capabilities, the platform provides sellers with cutting-edge product information optimization support.

“At DHgate, we are committed to driving innovation in the cross-border e-commerce industry and delivering a superior shopping experience for our buyers and sellers. Our Seller Conference 2023 showcased our unwavering dedication to the creator economy and our commitment to integrating online and offline channels to create a truly global platform”, stated Diane Wang, founder, chairperson, and CEO of DHGATE Group.

Overseas content creators’ resources have consistently been a crucial asset for DHgate. At present, DHgate cooperates with more than 100,000 content creators globally. In 2023, DHgate plans to harness this extensive talent pool to conduct a more in-depth exploration of the preferences and trends of overseas Generation Z and social media creators.

In March, as the only Chinese exhibitor, DHGATE Group participated in the South by Southwest Creative Industries Expo, engaging with top content creators across various industries through face-to-face interactions while establishing itself as a trendsetter.

The company will continuously engage with the popular top creator events in America, such as VidCon, Coachella Music Festival, and the New York Fashion Week. At the same time, it will cooperate with its strategic partners to create workshops and training courses for content creators to improve their hard skills to monetize their social power.

Amid heightened competition in cross-border B2B e-commerce platforms over the past two years, DHgate has actively elevated merchant empowerment by extensively focusing on localization and incorporating social e-commerce strategies.

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