Dicer and FameFlow announce groundbreaking partnership

The new alliance promises to transform digital advertising by merging on-demand celebrity influence with cutting-edge, AI data-driven campaign insights
Dicer and FameFlow, an emerging leader in AI-driven advertising performance analytics, and, the world’s first celebrity and influencer AI likeness rights licensing platform, announced a strategic partnership that is set to redefine the influencer marketing landscape.

In a pioneering move, Dicer and FameFlow have united FameFlow’s vast network of fully licensed celebrity and mega-influencer AI avatars with Dicer’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) powered Conversion-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform. This collaboration aims to empower brands and digital agencies with unparalleled access to celebrity and mega-influencer endorsements, enhanced by real-time, actionable ad performance insights to maximize engagement and return on ad spending (ROAS).

“By combining Dicer’s analytical capabilities with FameFlow’s influencer reach, we’re offering a never-before-seen approach to digital marketing,” said Marco Bianco, CEO of Dicer. “Our joint solution not only simplifies the process of launching mega-influencer-endorsed likeness campaigns but also ensures they are optimized for peak performance.”

Since we began development, new and existing clients have had the opportunity to leverage this fully integrated service, which has already delivered promising results. “Working with celebrities seemed unattainable due to authorization, cost, and timing hurdles – however, Dicer and FameFlow made it seamless to launch campaigns with celebrities. They legally incorporated Ray J into our ad creatives, leading to a 4x rise in engagement. This strategy, blending celebrity allure with data-driven insights, is now central to our advertising efforts”, said Erik Sun, CEO of and PursuitFarms.

The collaboration also emphasizes social responsibility, ensuring that all influencer partnerships are conducted with full legal consent and ethical considerations, aligning with both companies’ dedication to promoting the safe, authorized use of an influencer in any advertising and digital space.

Alan Ikoev, CEO of FameFlow, added, “This partnership is a testament to our commitment to innovation and responsibility of maintaining artist likeness rights within generative AI advertisements. By providing a scaled API-first platform that respects both influencer rights and a brand’s needs, we’re setting a new standard for ethical and compliant marketing of an influencer’s likeness with products and services.”

Brands not adopting this integrated approach risk falling more behind in the rapidly evolving AI and digital advertising sphere. The partnership promises not only to enhance campaign effectiveness but also to set brands and products apart from each other in an extremely crowded market.

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