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zuMedia Inc. announced the launch of Backskin.com


zuMedia Inc. officially announced the launch of Backskin.com which contains proprietary software with the power to bring a substantial amount of dollars into the U.S. treasury.

Backskin is a revolutionary service making it possible for any social media platform to offer monetization of the space behind member profile pictures. Anyone can be an advertiser and anyone can earn income by enlisting advertisers to present their message, advertisement or broadcast simply by opting-in to Backskin. The secret sauce in its patent pending technology furnishes a means of fair and equal revenue generation for both platforms and the respective owner of each individual profile page. (social, e-commerce, mobile, etc.)

The fresh online advertising vehicle is set to offer a new business model that broadens the scope of potential advertising opportunities and creates streams of income for little cost. It’s also built to empower social media users on a global scale by paving a path for fair and equitable sharing of ad revenue, putting everyday people in greater control of their profiles in several ways: by choosing whether to advertise and what advertising to host on their own profiles; by creating new income streams for not only social media content creators but for all of us; and by single-handedly democratizing the advertising, broadcast, and online internet industries.

Everyone can benefit from Backskin advertising. Platforms benefit by realizing additional ad revenue. Platform members benefit by having the ability to monetize Backskin media space into significant earnings. Advertisers benefit by having the ability to more efficiently spend ad dollars and more effectively target ads to receptive audiences, ensuring better budget allocation and ROI.

With minimal effort and marginal Backskin rentals a Backskin host can earn significantly. There are 8,640 10-second Backskin ad spaces per user per region available daily. If a user books out only a modest 10% of total Backskin slots daily from a single region at a rate of just one dollar per slot, approximately $134,000 gross revenue could be earned annually.

There are an infinite number of Backskins on the Internet and mobile devices, which positions Backskin Inc. to be the first company ever to exist that is situated and capable of putting a substantial amount of tax dollars into the U.S. and Global economies.

While newcomer DMDb.com is a new kid on the social media scene and is getting ready for its official launch, Backskin advertising and broadcast rental services are currently available on the platform for sampling as DMDb means to become the new gold standard of all media distribution.

With advertisers now able to explore, target, and create their own audience, Backskin.com has crafted a route to truly hit the mark when it comes to the personalization of ads and how audiences and markets receive and consume them. This innovative pipeline and process allows more depth in reaching audiences and directing attention to the messages in advertising with target engagement and willing audience participation instead of forced.

Creators Phyllis Jager and Barry Terach, Major Investor Mark Cuban, and the Backskin Lead Development Team Salvatore Saccoccio, Jason BerlinDaniel TerachMark Wegener, Korin Berlin, Nykiah Morgan, Lead Programmer Kishan Kachhadiya, and Chief Legal Officer Mark Rosenberg are confident the power of Backskin is a means to the end of exorbitant ad costs, inappropriate ad placement, the circulation of misinformation and disinformation via ad distribution, ad spend waste and poor ROI, forced viewing of undesired ad content, the exploitation of platform users on numerous levels, and of being bought by and sold to platforms and marketing agencies.

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