Digital 55 Launches update for Inugo CRM Platform

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Inugo Customer Relationship Management platform, powered by Digital 55, has announced an update to their popular CRM system, integrating Payment Processing and invoicing capabilities into the platform. Inugo, the simple and easy CRM, now provides a fully integrated, all-in-one customer data tracking, invoicing, and payment processing solution at a fraction of similar CRM systems.

Inugo is designed to be a fully customizable CRM system that functions perfectly for small and medium-sized businesses. By tying together customer data with sales and transaction information, businesses can see the entire sales cycle and identify opportunities for revenue generation and growth. The platform also allows for cash discounting of credit card sales, helping businesses save money on every transaction.

“Customer relationship software is essential for modern sales teams. It is critical for small and medium-sized businesses to capture their lads in a centralized hub. By combining the CRM software with invoicing and payment processing tools, we can create a seamless experience for the sales team, internal management, and the end user” shared Digital 55 CEO, Greg Whitlow. “Data-driven sales efforts are the only way to be successful in this market, and we think our platform provides the best resources for small businesses to leverage their data.”

Inugo’s new update will open a wealth of business intelligence information to companies using the platform. The system makes tracking sales, generating invoices, and taking payments easier than ever before. Most valuable of all, the updated software will provide the data and sales resources utilized by much larger companies to small and medium-sized businesses at a fraction of the cost.

The Inugo pay platform also allows users to participate in cash discount programs, helping offset the cost of credit card payment processing and saving small businesses even more money on credit card transactions.

As part of their pilot program, Inugo is offering both the CRM and Billing components free of charge to the first 200 users who sign up to help test the beta program.

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