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Digital Asset Management Leader Rocketium launches daVinci

Venture-funded automation company Rocketium has launched daVinci, an intelligence layer for its collaborative design platform. daVinci automates several steps in creating and managing on-brand banners and videos. This helps enterprises eliminate their hodgepodge of creation, collaboration, and storage solutions.

Enterprises face two challenges that became bigger after COVID-19 – the need for more digital content because consumer attention has moved online, and tighter budgets. The biggest roadblock to this is that marketers do not have a way to get on-brand creatives without going to designers. This leads to designers doing repetitive work for every experiment, edit, and adaptation that marketers need.

Rocketium solves this by incorporating lessons from assembly-line manufacturing. The simple insight was that designers and marketers are great at different things and the same platform should help them both. Rocketium lets designers focus on creativity by enabling them to make banner and video templates. Rocketium helps marketers focus on data-driven experimentation by enabling them to make brand-compliant creatives using these templates.

“Rocketium streamlines our time-consuming design process across app assets and digital marketing. It has solved the problem of customizing creative volume while empowering the team to be self-sufficient,” says Rahul Deorah, VP Marketing at Urban Company, India’s largest home services marketplace.

daVinci brings in automation to eliminate even more steps in today’s tedious process. It analyses Photoshop files to make smart templates. It uses AI to transform raw images for compositions, saving hours of painstaking work. Its intelligent spreadsheet connector allows marketers to make thousands of creatives in minutes. daVinci features workflow automations like translation, text-to-speech, automatic sharing. daVinci’s configurability enables it to automate any enterprise workflow.

Global e-commerce brands use Rocketium to personalize customer communication at every touchpoint. They can launch multiple campaigns on the same day instead of waiting for weeks. “daVinci combines human creativity with the power of automation. This helps businesses communicate more visually with their customers. We aim to bring the efficiencies of the division of labor to today’s digital revolution,” says Satej Sirur, CEO of Rocketium.

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