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Digital Marketing expert Shaqir Hussyin launches Wealthacademy.com

Discover What's Working Now In Digital Marketing By Learning From WealthAcademy.com
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World-renowned digital marketing expert, Shaqir Hussyin, has launched his new website, www.WealthAcademy.com, promising to deliver the latest in digital marketing advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

This website focuses on teaching digital marketers how to start, grow and scale their business using the most cutting edge marketing strategies that exist today, such as Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Webinars, Email Marketing & more. The unique premise is that they are teaching direct response marketing with integration of modern marketing technology which creates the ultimate return on investment. The company was founded by world-renowned digital marketing guru, founder of Funnels.com – Shaqir Hussyin.

3 Golden Keys that are required for anyone seeking long-term profitable growth and success in their business;

1) Riding The Trends; Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are a must-have in today’s marketing. This is an example of riding the trend. Right now, many business owners are stuck in the hamster wheel of trying to get new customers using old fashioned, outdated, inefficient marketing strategies that aren’t profitable or worth doing. Riding the trend allows entrepreneurs to capitalize on what’s actually creating the highest leverage with the minimum effort.

2) Automated Sales Funnels: Back five years ago, anyone could get away with a simple website; sort of like handing out business cards or brochures, it looks pretty and ‘nice’, but it’s really not that effective. Automated sales funnels can bring in clients 24-7 from the global market. For entrepreneurs that want market domination, lead their industry it’s a “must have” to have systems and tools such as funnels working for their business, educating prospects, clients, patients and potential buyers.

3) Direct Response Marketing: This is when a business’s marketing is designed to provoke an immediate response from the customer vs typical branding marketing through clear CTAs (calls to action) and other techniques, in order to generate reactions and feedback while encouraging decision-making. Most businesses work so hard to get people in the door, onto their websites but unfortunately have no idea how to effortlessly and effectively sell their products and services. Implement these 3 keys in any business for an immediate growth increase.

Shaqir Hussyin, who was featured on Forbes as a ‘Digital Trendsetter’, says: “We offer exclusive and private training for the world’s most ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs. Clients come by from over 100+ countries to learn about what’s working now in the digital world. All our work is based on building multi-million dollar businesses so it’s results-based and not theory like most companies. Our breakthrough live events, seminars and conferences have been hosted 150+ times all over the world, teaching small business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow online businesses using digital marketing whilst working less.”

We decided 12 months ago to start offering free high value, highly actionable content that helps entrepreneurs start a profitable digital business. Hussyin has invested multiple 6 figures into just creating high-value content that he’s learned while traveling 50+ countries all over the world to learn from the best.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs and dreamers are also encouraged to join the WealthAcademy Newsletter with over 500,000+ global subscribers. Here, Shaqir Hussyin and his team regularly release new videos, new articles, Shaqir Hussyin’s podcasts and actionable training information that’s a “must read” for anyone wanting to be more successful in online marketing.

For Shaqir Hussyin’s personal blog where he writes daily about business, marketing, entrepreneurship, sales and succeeding in today’s new emerging economy can be found by visiting Shaqir.com.

Shaqir Hussyin Featured On Forbes *Digital Trendsetter*
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Shaqir Hussyin Training Entrepreneurs All Over The World
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Shaqir Hussyin Featured On Home Business Connection
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