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Digital Mortar selects Quanergy to provide retail flow management sol

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Quanergy Systems, Inc., (NYSE: QNGY and QNGY.WS) a leading provider of OPA-based solid-state LiDAR sensors and smart 3D solutions for automotive and IoT, announced today that Digital Mortar has selected Quanergy Smart LiDAR portfolio to provide a broad range of innovative flow management solutions for retail applications. These solutions can also be applied to stadiums, casinos, public transit centers, conventions, events, and even museum spaces.

Digital Mortar has developed an innovative platform, called DM1, that has truly embraced the 3D capabilities of Quanergy’s M-Series sensors and Qortex DTC™ perception software, that together can track, detect and classify hundreds of people in crowded environments under any lighting conditions while preserving people’s privacy.

The tightly integrated solution provides a comprehensive, full shopper journey measurement that combines detailed in-store shopper behavior, Point of Sale (PoS) results, labor tracking, and weather into a single, powerful SaaS analytics tool measuring store performance. With the Quanergy and Digital Mortar solution you can capture highly detailed information of customers and guest experience. For instance, you can allow retail stores to measure every aspect of display performance (traffic, flow, engagement, and even product interactions) while the machine learning-based queue tracking detection of groups and non-buyers delivers an accurate customer count and time at each phase of the checkout process.

“Quanergy 3D LiDAR has rapidly become a key technology in retail people measurement and public-spaces for crowd-management,” said Gary Angel, CEO of Digital Mortar. “We’re seeing remarkably rapid adoption of LiDAR as a people-measurement technology. That adoption is driven by LiDAR’s environmental flexibility, coverage advantage in comparison to traditional camera, and privacy compliance. We expect Quanergy LiDAR products to account for 30-40% of sensors we’ll install in 2022.”

“We are excited that Digital Mortar has chosen Quanergy’s Flow Management platform to disrupt the retail market,” said Enzo Signore, CMO of Quanergy Systems. “Our integrated solution provides powerful insights into the shopper’s journey with unmatched accuracy, at a much lower total cost of ownership compared to cameras, while providing zero PII risk.”

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