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Digital Studio Titan TheSoul Publishing Hits 100B Social Media Views

Content watched for 250 billion minutes across Facebook, YouTube and More
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TheSoul Publishing, the global digital studio delivering creative, short-form video content that soars on social media, has become the first media publisher to reach an incredible 100 billion social media views in 2021, according to available research data. Reaching audiences across the top social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest and Snap, the achievement firmly establishes TheSoul Publishing amongst the world’s premier content creators.

Data from social video analytics provider Tubular Labs places TheSoul Publishing in the #1 position, since October 2020, of most social media views across YouTube and Facebook — ahead of all digital-first studios and legacy media companies — including the Walt Disney Company, ViacomCBS, Comcast, Moonbug, WarnerMedia, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Jellysmack, and more.

The channel portfolio of TheSoul Publishing includes the Top-10 YouTube channel 5-Minute Crafts, as well as Bright Side123 GO!Avocado Couple, La La Life, Teen-ZSlick Slime Sam, and more.

In addition, across social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, TheSoul Publishing’s content– showcasing impressive animation to engaging stop motion, compelling craft projects and more– has attracted 250 billion minutes watched, amounting to nearly 500,000 years of global audience viewing time within the first half of 2021 alone.

“Though numbers of this caliber are always impressive to celebrate, there is so much more to these milestones.  We have an incredible team that keeps raising the bar every single day and we look forward to sharing additional exciting developments as we continue to progress on our journey. Our vision is clear of how to further build upon the growing success of the entertainment that we create. Entertainment content that has strong universal appeal and is delivered to global audiences through the world’s top platform partners,” said Arthur Mamedov, COO of TheSoul Publishing.

TheSoul Publishing’s ability to stay on top of trends, adapt its content to current tastes, and produce positive, captivating videos helped it reach an impressive 100 billion social media views. The 100 billion views milestone bolsters TheSoul Publishing as a go-to, online source for uplifting and engaging entertainment. This achievement comes on the heels of TheSoul Publishing flying past 1 billion social media followers in April. The media powerhouse was also recently recognized by Tubular Labs for its highly-popular content, topping the charts in Tubular Labs’ 2020 Awards with the most unique global viewers in 2020 (644 million, tied with The Walt Disney Company).

TheSoul Publishing is recognized as the award-winning studio behind popular channels including:

5-Minute CraftsThe most-watched DIY digital brand in the world, 5-Minute Crafts is known around the globe for its positive, fun and quirky crafts. Videos on this channel are sure to inspire and ignite the creative sparks within all of us. In January, 5-Minute Crafts reached 100 million followers on its flagship 5-Minute Crafts Facebook page. The channel is now available in 19 languages on YouTube and earned 10.7 billion views in 2020.

123 GO!: Featuring easy makeup and fashion hacks, lighthearted pranks and funny observations, 123 GO! delivers entertaining and positive videos about everything trending right now. Available in 19 languages, 123 GO! is one of TheSoul Publishing’s fastest-growing channels generating more than 6 billion minutes viewed on YouTube alone in 2020.

Bright SideFeaturing engaging narrated videos that showcase travel and exploration, self-improvement, gadgets, riddles and pop-culture, Bright Side’s brain tickling content is as diverse and robust as its global audience. The channel has over 85 million combined YouTube subscribers and Facebook followers.

Slick Slime Sam: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Well, meet Slick Slime Sam! He is pink, he is hilarious, and he is ready to help with your latest DIY or life hack project.

Avocado Couple: Ava & Cado are our favorite animated couple and they want to share the fun with you! Their romantic adventures are sometimes awkward, sometimes spicy and always hilarious.

Teen-Z: High school can make you laugh, cry, and cringe, all in one day! Teen-Z uses creative animation to tell funny stories about students as they fall in love, make friends and get into plenty of awkward situations!

La La Life: An assortment of fun music videos celebrating life and relatable situations. Everyday moments do have a soundtrack — and La La Life is happy to share!

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