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Dominion DMS Integrates with ScanIt Parts

Dominion DMS

Dominion DMS announces integration with ScanIt Parts that allows for the integration of state-of-the-art wireless technology with barcode scanning and printing equipment.

This allows you to scan in your stock and special order parts either separately or simultaneously. 
Labels print automatically when special orders are scanned with customer information. The integration with Dominion DMS allows your inventory to be updated in the DMS in real time.

“The integration between ScanIt Parts and Dominion DMS allows my team to quickly find the parts needed to fill a request and get it to a technician. This saves time and increases efficiency in the dealership.”  – Bill Althoff, Parts Manager, Browns Elkader

With ScanIt’s barcode scanning technology and printing equipment, this will improve your dealerships day to day operations, reduces cost, save time, and improve data accuracy. Integrated with Dominion’s DMS will eliminate double entry to improve your efficiencies and provide faster productivity for your staff.

“Having the ability to integrate with vendor partners that bring value to our dealer partners is a win-win, not for only the dealers but for the customers they serve.”  Arlene Clements, VP of Business Development, Dominion DMS.

Innovative Programming Systems, Inc. has been helping companies save money and improve their businesses since 1992. Their strong influence in the automotive market has helped dealerships nationwide increase their profits dramatically.

“ScanIt Parts and Dominion DMS can now provide a barcode scanning solution to manage your parts inventory on a daily basis.

ScanIt Parts understands the importance of integration with Dominion DMS, our scanners are designed to integrate smoothly, reduce errors and update counts in real-time which will help with your inventory control processes and reduce operational inefficiencies. This game-changing solution can streamline your operations and enhance productivity.” – Dale Zimmer, Vice President of Software Development.

This announcement is another reason dealers should reconsider their current DMS relationship and consider what VUE DMS can offer. To learn more about Dominion DMS and its VUE DMS platform, visit

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