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Dynamic Yield Launches Experience OS

Designed for Easy Activation by Retailers, Financial Institutions, Restaurants and Others

Dynamic Yield, a Mastercard company and five-time Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Personalization Engines, announced today the launch of Experience OS. The revolutionary operating system creates one place for customers to seamlessly manage their consumer experience programs across teams and channels.

Today, customer experience design ideas are restricted by the limitations of traditional technology. Legacy platforms and tech stacks were not designed to make connections between providers to encourage easy personalization across solutions or business types.

Enter Experience OS: a framework where apps are organized in a core dashboard that is open, modular, and fully customizable. This unified approach allows teams to build their own mix of capabilities and consistently activate their data to easily personalize consumer touchpoints. With the flexibility to plug in a combination of tools, companies can use the adaptable, technology-agnostic platform to meet their evolving needs.

“There is no one-size-fits-all way to do personalization,” said Ori Bauer, CEO of Dynamic Yield. “Experience OS is built with that exact insight in mind – now, teams can customize their solutions outside of the limits of traditional technology. And because our approach is technology agnostic, it can easily adapt to a changing business.”

With Experience OS, brands can realize the full power of personalization by:

  • Delivering a wide array of personalized experiences, including product recommendations, personalized content, and customized messages
  • Transforming fragmented customer touchpoints into whole, seamless experiences
  • Supporting all current and future digital channels, including web, email, app, or any digital interface
  • Adjusting the personalization program to their specific industry and business KPIs
  • Integrating any technology through an open-ended and scalable architecture
  • Embracing industry-leading time-to-market and cost efficiency

“Dynamic Yield enables our team to deploy complex engagement strategies across multiple channels seamlessly,” said Valentina Barbetta, E-commerce Product Owner at Luisaviaroma, a luxury retailer based in Italy. “This year, we expanded our recommendation campaigns to mobile and saw a huge uplift (25%) as a result – the fact that we will be to do this from one platform is a game changer.”

“Personalization is top of mind for almost every business we work with, and Experience OS finally offers a sustainable way to execute,” said Kris Dimitroff, Global Head of Technology Partnerships at Emarsys, an omnichannel customer engagement platform easily integrated with Experience OS. “We couldn’t be more excited to join Dynamic Yield’s roster of end-to-end solutions that will be behind a new wave of powerful customer interactions.”

This latest innovation from Dynamic Yield comes merely six months after the company’s acquisition by Mastercard. Later updates of Experience OS will incorporate applications from Mastercard’s broader suite of services—such as customer loyalty profiles from SessionM, retail spending insights from Mastercard SpendingPulse™, and performance analytics from Menu Analyzer by Test and Learn—in addition to outside solutions from vendors across the technology landscape.

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