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e-Spirit Hybrid CMS Powers Recruiting Program for Brose

FirstSpirit AI-based personalization technology increases IT team applicants by 100% and reduces time-to-hire across 23 countries.
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e-Spirit Inc., maker of the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with a hybrid content management system (CMS), today announced that Brose, the fourth-largest family-owned automotive supplier in the world, is using FirstSpirit hybrid CMS to power its recruiting program. The program, called Relaunch, is designed to attract the best IT professionals by targeting potential new hires based on segmentation and personalization technology. Deploying FirstSpirit has helped Brose reduce the number of applicants bounces, raised prospect-employee conversion rates to 100% and helped increase the length of time that employees remain with the company.

According to Forrester Research, 89% of digital businesses are investing in personalization as providing hyper-personalized information improves the customer experience. FirstSpirit is a hybrid CMS that accelerates the delivery of hyper-personalized content to any channel, anytime, anywhere and with unprecedented ease and scale. It’s the next generation of content management, combining the benefits of modern headless architecture—high agility and fast time-to-market with the ability to easily expand to new touchpoints—plus the power and ease of use of enterprise-class content management.

“We needed to partner with a technology vendor that could provide a solution that was easy to use and scalable since we are growing at a rapid rate,” said Susanne Dumbacher-Geyer, Analyst HR Websites, Personnel Services, Brose Group. “What we like about FirstSpirit is that it provides us with data that is based on user behavior. The AI-based personalization technology helps us tremendously by identifying and prioritizing potential new hires early in the recruitment process and better engaging them with relevant content.”

Using FirstSpirit allowed Brose to:

  • Increase prospect-employee conversion rates by 100%
  • Reduce time-to-hire by basing recruitment efforts on segmentation and personalization
  • Implement a mobile-first, SEO-based strategy to streamline the hiring process

“As companies expand their operations with new hires, it’s critical that hiring managers target individuals with specific skill sets that map to company needs,” said Udo Straesser, chief revenue officer and e-Spirit board member. “FirstSpirit hybrid CMS has dramatically improved how Brose targets and hires new IT employees. Reducing the time it takes to hire highly qualified employees has made the hiring teams more productive and has empowered them to operate independently throughout each region. By selecting the more qualified new hires, Brose has set themselves up for long-term success.”

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