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EARTHDAY.ORG, OAAA to make aware of plastic dangers to human health


EARTHDAY.ORG, the global force behind Earth Day, is partnering with the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), the leading trade group representing the entire out of home (OOH) advertising industry,  for the sixth year in a row! OAAA and their membership are supporting the launch of a national (OOH) campaign to help shine a light on the dangers of plastics to human health.

The EARTHDAY.ORG Theme for 2024 is PLANET VS PLASTICS and has been driving home the message that plastics are not inert. Research is finding that plastics break down into tiny fragments called microplastics, which leach out toxic plastic chemicals. They are both associated with a wide range of human health issues from Alzheimer’s to strokes to male infertility to obesity.

“Plastics in one form or another have contaminated our soil, our air and our water,” said Kathleen Rogers, the President of EARTHDAY.ORG. “Plastics are in our food chain and by default, inside all of us, and we are inhaling them in from the air we breathe. It’s important that the public knows this – and that we bring this crucial issue to the forefront of consumers’ minds.”

Babies seem the most at risk with evidence microplastics can interrupt maternal-fetal communication and potentially damage DNA. Reports have linked microplastics to autism and other endocrine disruption issues which can amongst other things manifest as early onset puberty, as well as association with some cancers, including in the prostate gland of fetuses.

“Helping to drive awareness around this important and widespread issue is what out of home is made for – delivering larger-than-life impact and engagement with the masses. These are big problems to solve, and we need to harness big, bold storytelling to help solve them,” said Anna Bager, President and CEO, OAAA.

Media partners can download the creative here.

“This incredible campaign devised by our friends at the creative agency Extra Credit Projects and supported by OAAA, is about alerting the public to the dangers of plastics and their additive chemicals. It is forthright because EARTHDAY.ORG believes that the plastic industry doesn’t give a fork about the planet,” said Tom Cosgrove, Chief Creative and Content Officer for EARTHDAY.ORG.

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