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ECM & DAM re-inventor Nuxeo Releases Salesforce Connector

New innovation provides even tighter integration with Salesforce, enabling fast, easy and secure access to Nuxeo's content services from within the Lightning interface
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Nuxeo, the leading cloud-native Content Services Platform, today announced the release of its next-generation Salesforce Connector for content management. The enhanced integration enables faster, easier and more secure access to Nuxeo’s content services from within the Salesforce Lightning interface.

“Our Salesforce Connector integrates Nuxeo’s content services with the native Lightning interface, where sales and marketing users already spend much of their time,” said Sean Baird, Director of Product Marketing at Nuxeo. “Our goal was to create a completely unified user experience that exposes our advanced content management capabilities from within Salesforce. For example, users can instantly view content that directly relates to a Salesforce account or opportunity as well as execute border, global searches across the entire Nuxeo repository and other, federated content sources.

The Nuxeo Platform can also intelligently surface suggested similar items of content to Salesforce users to enhance productivity and access to key information.

“This is  one of the most compelling value propositions for modern content services,” said Chris McLaughlin, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Nuxeo. “Unlike legacy ECM systems, Content Services Platforms were purpose-built to deliver content to other business apps and services. As a result, we can deliver a user experience that seamlessly blends with the native Salesforce experience to deliver the right information, at the right time, to enable better decisions, inform customer interactions, and deliver superior business results.”

What’s more, the tight integration between Salesforce and Nuxeo also ensures that appropriate information is available to any authorized Salesforce user while, behind the scenes, the content remains securely managed by Nuxeo.

Other key features and benefits include:

  • Add new content in Lightning with a simple, “drag and drop” interface
  • Create folders and new versions of documents and content
  • Preview all types of content with an embedded viewer (e.g. PDFs, Office365 documents, images and videos)
  • Present search results with text highlights to help users quickly find information they need
  • Open content directly in native applications (e.g. Word or PowerPoint)

Nuxeo’s next-generation Salesforce Connector is now available.

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