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HiConversion, the eCommerce Intelligence platform, launches HiConversion Recommend to help Shopify merchants deliver session-based personalized product recommendations, designed to generate new revenue from existing web traffic.

This helps when the buying preferences of the great majority of all web visitors are unknown – either first-time visitors or returning shoppers who made no purchases in the past. HiConversion Recommend is powered by Amazon Personalize, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) capability that enables developers to build applications based on the same machine learning technology used by for real-time personalized recommendations – no machine learning expertise required

In an eCommerce world increasingly dominated by social marketing and mobile shoppers, the window of time for online retailers to connect visitors to relevant products has shrunk to mere seconds. Personalization vendors and their product recommendation solutions are providing incremental help, but most solutions lack the context of visitors’ real-time activity. Conventional recommendation systems train their machine learning algorithms on the purchase history of existing customers, making those algorithms act as if all shoppers have the same needs and preferences as previous buyers. As a result, the recommendations appeal to a narrow segment of visitors, ignoring the greater majority of other visitors who are unable to effectively discover products of interest.

With HiConversion Recommend – the Shopify Plus Certified App – brands can now influence a greater majority of their web traffic – new and unknown visitors – with session-based ‘always on’ product recommendations powered by the same machine learning technology used to deliver product recommendations at

“HiConversion’s integration of Amazon Personalize into HiConversion Recommend enables any Shopify merchant to deliver a wide array of personalization experiences, including specific product recommendations, personalized product re-ranking, and customized direct marketing,” said Zoe Hillenmeyer, Head of Business Development for AI Services at AWS. “HiConversion Recommend allows brands of any size on the Shopify marketplace to benefit from personalization based on the same technology that is powering product recommendations on”

HiConversion Recommend is a transformative technology, shifting product discovery capabilities from the periphery into the heart of eCommerce strategy and buying experiences. Instead of running a few or no recommendations on high-level web pages on their sites, with HiConversion Recommend, leading brands deploy many recommendation strategies on every area of their eCommerce site; including inside the cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages. This enables session-based product recommendations driven by the context of visitors’ anonymous in-session behavior to create timely, personalized recommendations to specific segments of existing web traffic. That means less searching for consumers and more competitive margins for marketers.

“The combination of unified session activity, user and product data, and the most advanced Machine Learning technology provided by AWS enables a wide range of product discovery strategies for visitors at different stages of the customer lifecycle,” said HiConversion CTO, David Henrickson. “HiConversion is honored to be the first to bring Amazon Personalize best-in-class personalization machine learning to Shopify stores, now giving their customers ultra-relevant product discovery experiences.”

From Apparel and Beauty to Electronics and Sports retailers – results achieved by HiConversion customers demonstrate the high value of session-based recommendations powered by Amazon Personalize.

“HiConversion Recommend is the first product recommendation solution I’ve recently used that actually learns how our visitors like to shop. I’m already seeing the significant positive impact on key metrics like; revenue per visitor, conversion rate, average order value, and time on site.” said Kristina Burbich, Head of eCommerce at LillyLashes. “We’re getting closer and closer to creating our dream shopping experience. AI is the smarter approach to eCommerce, personalizing our visitors’ shopping experience while amplifying our digital merchandising to get the best products in front of our customers with the bonus of increasing our revenue.”

To learn how HiConversion Recommend powered by Amazon Personalize can help your Shopify store today, visit

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