Embryo Confirm Andrew Holland and Peter Wootton Are Joining the Team

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Embryo, a well renowned digital agency based in Manchester, UK, have today confirmed that leading search engine optimization (SEO) industry specialists Andrew Holland and Peter Wootton are joining their team.

In what is being described as a major coup by the Chief Innovation Director at Embryo, the agency has secured the services of two thought leaders in this space. Both Andrew and Peter are in the top 5% of SEO experts in the country.

The acquisition of talent will result in a restructure at Embryo and aim to further build on their already stellar reputation for providing technical and organic SEO services to clients.

Below, we outline the roles that Andrew Holland and Peter Wootton will take on at Embryo and what clients can expect because of this talent acquisition:

“We have one of the best technical SEOs in the country AND one of the best organic strategists in the country” – James Welch, Chief Innovation Director at Embryo

Andrew Holland will take on the role of Head of Organic and Peter Wootton will lead as Head of Tech. The roles will spearhead a restructure at Embryo, with the original Content and SEO departments being realigned to become two new Technical and Organic SEO teams.

The restructure follows a company decision to realign talent and services to better suit client requirements and the ever-changing digital landscape. Peter will lead a team of technical backend SEO specialists who optimize websites to perform well in search engines, and Andrew will oversee a team of organic SEO specialists who focus on frontend content creation and content optimization to further enhance search engine rankings.

To learn more about Andrew Holland and Peter Wootton joining the Embryo team, full details are provided here: SEO Specialists Andrew Holland and Peter Wootton join Embryo

Ross Green and James Welch are building what I consider to be the Marvel Universe of the digital marketing world, and it’s a dream to be part of the Embryo adventure” – Andrew Holland, Head of Organic.

Embryo can be described as a multi-channel agency. Through considered hiring and sustained growth, their services have expanded into the full marketing mix, with SEO, content marketing, digital PR, paid social, programmatic advertising, PPC, web design and web development all part of their core offer.

Andrew Holland and Peter Wootton will join the SEO-arm of Embryo. In layman’s terms, they will optimize websites and content to perform well within search engines for search queries that are relevant to a businesses’ brand or service offer.

Performing well online and ranking high within search results is undoubtedly complex but vastly advantageous. In a digital-first world, more and more businesses are improving their understanding of SEO and treating their online presence as a core business operation. Well configured optimization strategies can help businesses to outrank their competitors, reach wider markets, drive website traffic, make sales, improve brand awareness and support business growth.

“Adding these to our already very strong SEO offering is something that will help us with the next stage of our growth, working with an ever-increasing client base”– James Welch, Chief Innovation Director at Embryo

New and existing clients of Embryo can expect big things following the acquisition and restructure. The realignment ensures that Embryo can cater for both full-service, aggressive search optimization strategies and smaller scale, focused requirements.

For clients who need their online strategy to be a success to meet business goals, having a team of technical and organic SEO specialists under one roof provides ample opportunity and expertise. The team at Embryo can carry out audits to analyze a businesses’ current performance through search engines such as Google and Bing, and create strategies focused on the goals needed to be met, such as sales, enquiries, or brand recognition.

For those who are unfamiliar with SEO and are unsure as to where to start, Embryo offers a free 30-minute SEO consultation, highlighting how your website is performing on Google, alongside high-level insight that would usually cost upwards of £1k+.

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