EnduraData enhanced its Data Management Platform

dmp data management platform

EnduraData©, leading file replication and data synchronization software company, releases version 5 of its EDpCloud (TM) real-time data replication and file mirroring software.

The new version of EDpCloud is a hybrid solution that allows government agencies and business enterprises to synchronize data securely between different physical machines, virtual machines, distributed data centers, remote offices, and various cloud providers.

The software solution is available for Linux, Windows, Mac, and many UNIX-like operating systems. The software-only solution runs on existing hardware and supports different file systems and diverse storage subsystems.

The new version of the EDpCloud software provides unique bi-directional and multi-directional real-time file replication and synchronization. The solution mirrors data between systems in one location and between multiple geographic regions worldwide. EDpCloud aggregates data from various sites and moves and distributes data securely between multiple locations worldwide.

EDpCloud automates data protection as well as data delivery to various applications. After the initial setup, file changes are sent automatically, rapidly, and securely to one or more locations worldwide. The solution saves time, reduces costs, risks, and operator errors. In case of any failures, EnduraData file replication resumes from where it left off.

“We are pleased to provide a solid solution that allows businesses to deliver secure data when needed to where it is needed,” said Rich Gruenhagen, VP of sales.

Start a proof of concept today by downloading a free trial copy of EDpCloud from

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