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ENDURANCE Signs Cybraics, a Cutting-Edge CyberSecurity Detection & Analysis Firm

ENDURANCE Signs Cybraics, a Cutting-Edge CyberSecurity Detection & Analysis Firm

ENDURANCE, a search first, full-service advertising agency based in Chandler, Arizona, is excited to announce their newest client, Cybraics, a cutting-edge cybersecurity firm co-headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.

“Cybraics is excited about our relationship because ENDURANCE has proved to be extremely competent and, in a very short time, we have seen immediate results.” Beth Morgan, Chief of Staff (driving business development projects) Cybraics.

Cybraics is best known for developing an AI-based cybersecurity analysis and threat detection platform as a service. This platform uses advanced AI to identify threats and vulnerabilities across the cybersecurity threat spectrum. This helps companies improve threat detection and cybersecurity team efficacy against the dynamically-evolving cybercrime space.

“Cybraics’ technology is groundbreaking and exciting, and we’re thrilled to help them execute a more sophisticated and impactful marketing strategy. We enjoy working with technology companies like Cybraics not only because we are passionate about the tech and SaaS space, but also because tech-centric companies tend to be a great fit for many of the strategies we use in our advertising efforts today,” says Jeremy Riley, Managing Partner at ENDURANCE.

According to a recent M-Trends® report by Mandiant, most cybersecurity threats go undetected for an average of 200 days. This is largely because it takes significant time and resources to filter through the over 10,000 security threats the average company receives per month, many of which are false positives. Cybraics’ AI security analytics platform, nLighten™ decreases the false positives by almost 95%. It also triages legitimate threats, helping cybersecurity teams focus their attention on what actually matters.

“We’re particularly excited because Cybraics’ founding philosophies are much in line with our own,” says Riley. “Cybraics’ uses strategic, high-quality AI to overcome brute force, reactive cyber threat management. They create a more proactive threat detection and mitigation system that remains effective even in a fast-changing environment. Similarly, ENDURANCE is debunking short-term, ‘fad’ digital marketing strategies and other reactive advertising avenues in favor of the higher-quality, proactive strategies.”

ENDURANCE will provide comprehensive marketing services to Cybraics with an emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO) and expanding Cybraics’ digital footprint. ENDURANCE fairs extremely well in providing marketing solutions for advanced tech and SaaS companies and are especially excited to partner with a Department of Defense contractor.

ENDURANCE is a search first, full-service advertising agency in Chandler, AZ providing results-driven marketing strategies to businesses of all sizes and industries. Their team is comprised of industry veterans who desire to change the status quo.

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