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Enquire AI and Electo Analytics Partner

As organizations prepare for the impact of the mid-term elections, this platform integration will allow their teams to navigate the dynamic landscape more effectively.
Enquire AI

Enquire AI announces the launch of its newest API partnership with Electo Analytics. Electo Analytics (“Electo”) will be integrating Enquire AI’s Network Pulse Platform technology as a direct feature within its public policy platform to create a powerful, unique solution in the government affairs technology space. The partnership represents the second API licensing of Enquire AI patented tech after its hugely successful integration with Asia’s premier business intelligence platform, Speeda, last year.

The Network Pulse Platform is the first AI-powered real-time business intelligence tool that connects users directly to custom context, insights and analysis from a global network of subject matter experts. Enquire AI’s intelligent matching software enables users to discover and engage with the right set of resources to address any research or business intelligence question.

Electo’s users will now be able to tap into the power of the Network Pulse Platform as a part of the Electo Analytics platform. Not only will clients be able to precisely map the legislative landscape, track shifting regulatory dynamics more accurately, and more effectively manage stakeholder engagement, they will now also be able to transform their government affairs workflow by adding real-time insights around the legislative issues that matter most. Policy expertise is in high demand based on the current international climate and uncertainty around the upcoming mid-term elections.

“We are excited to power up adjacent platforms in different industries and build the industry-standard for accessing expertise needed to make sound decisions,” said Enquire CEO Cenk Sidar. “This is a milestone in the market, tying together legislative affairs data, mapping, and insights,” continued COO, Bilal Baloch. “We look forward to working with the Electo Analytics team in adding deep value to their customers’ policy research needs.”

As a mission-driven company, Electo Analytics is committed to bridging the gap in access to essential public policy information. “We’re thrilled to embark on a thoughtful partnership with Enquire AI by pairing our next-generation public policy software with the Network Pulse Platform’s innovative approach to sourcing analysis from subject matter experts. We can now equip our clients with a unique suite of tools to deftly align intelligence with analysis to generate a comprehensive understanding of their policy landscape, empowering them to design the most highly informed strategies,” said Naeim Khanjani, Co-Founder and CEO of Electo Analytics.

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