Erik Huberman CEO & Founder of Hawke Media Releases Book

Marketing entrepreneur, Erik Huberman offers detailed insight on his three principles of marketing that built his brand and over 3,000 others.
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Erik HubermanCEO & Founder of Hawke Media, today announces the launch of his new book, The Hawke Method: The Three Principles of Marketing that Made Over 3,000 Brands Soar (Morgan JamesMarch 8, 2022).

In the book, Huberman distills what it takes to be a successful marketer into three principles of marketing: awareness, nurturing, and trust.

The Hawke Method demonstrates that a marketing strategy isn’t just a numbers game, and that calculations for business growth and sustainability go far beyond systemic analysis. Huberman  takes readers through a mosaic of his successes and failures, from his first entrepreneurial venture at age nine of selling his parent’s household items, to selling two e-commerce startups by the age of 26, and now running Hawke Media, valued at $150M.

This book not only expounds on Huberman’s three principles of marketing, but also is a comprehensive guide on marketing best practices. Huberman discusses the needed fundamentals for success; like choosing the right advertising funnels for converting customers and lifetime value, while also including data, statistics, and anecdotes as evidence to support his strategies. He tackles why all three principles are needed for growth and gives examples of how without one the marketing and sales process always topples, no matter what market the brand operates in.

I can make one claim about the future of marketing with confidence: your marketing tripod will have three legs. Those legs will be awareness, nurturing, and trust, and if you build your marketing strategy with that tripod in mind, your brand will compete, grow, and thrive,” explains Huberman.

Each successful marketing strategy shares a common framework, The Hawke Method explains how to leverage this framework from the early stages of a start-up all the way to an established business. The Hawke Method isn’t just a book. It’s a way of doing business.

The Hawke Method is currently available nationwide wherever books are sold. For more information about the book, go to

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