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Event technology company- Socio announces the launch of its Virtual Events Suite

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An event technology company leader – Socio has announced the launch of its Virtual Events Suite which is Best-In-Class and will include Orange Glove Service, a community platform and streaming options on multiple devices in order to help the event organizers move from live to virtual martech news.

Socio is a platform of event technology that is built for live events, virtual events and hybrid events as well. The Socio platform makes use of the drag and drop coding which is very useful and easy to use by event organizers to enable them to customize a complete branded experience.

In the wake of destruction caused by the global outbreak of the Coronavirus, the event industry is forced to change all the live events to virtual events. But, creating an effective digital experience for the people, is a challenge for the organizers. Organizers are having to second-guess almost every single detail ranging from networking to engagement and sponsorships for the execution of their events. That is where Socio is going to be of help. Socio has the next-gen virtual features to back the organizers in making the pivot to virtual events easily yet efficiently. Even though times are tough, this suite and the new practices by organizers will provide sustainable and enhanced practices in the future when it’s time to go back to live events again.

There is a seamless integration of live streaming platform leaders with the Socio’s Virtual Events Suite which allows the attendees to join the live stream from their virtual agenda directly or they can just click a button that will immediately launch the stream live on their device – mobile or computer for enhanced viewing. The suite’s multi-device capability facilitates attendee engagement irrespective of where they are and the ability to toggle between the devices of their preference for networking and video consumption.

The Orange Glove Team of Socio will provide the infusion of strategies and best practices to provide technical support. Its new Communities platform invites indefinite engagement in the branded environment.

Modern problems require modern solutions and this events technology proves the same. To know more about such products and solutions from the martech industry, follow the martech cube. Martech cube publishes news, articles, and information related to the field of martech regularly.

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