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Events Industry Facing Supply Chain Issues

With many events from 2021 rescheduled to 2022, the events industry is facing significant supply chain issues relating to availability and staff resourcing says HeadBox.
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According to a leading event tech company, HeadBox, the disruptions caused by lockdowns in 2021 are having a flow on effect into 2022 on the events sector. After the lockdowns came to an end, consumer demand exploded, particularly for function venues Sydney and supply chains are struggling to recover.

While supply chain issues are yet another source of uncertainty for the events industry, HeadBox says being proactive and planning ahead will help bookers, hosts and event managers survive and thrive in the ever-changing landscape.

With shortages and delays across the board, HeadBox advises bookers to start planning their events now as availability is limited. When it comes to Sydney venue hire, it’s also a good idea for bookers to have contingency plans in place. With supply chain limitations, some function venues may not be able to accommodate the event in 2022. Even if bookers don’t utilise a backup plan, it’s a good idea to plan by researching alternative function rooms Sydney, just in case.

HeadBox says hosts and event managers must also consider the supply chain issues, particularly when organising suppliers. Conducting an internal supply chain audit can assist in detecting weaknesses in the supply chain and resolving pain points and bottlenecks which may enhance competitive position.

For hosts and event managers, HeadBox says it is vital to maintain a positive relationship with vendors by engaging in open communication and consistently honouring commitments. While it is essential to have strong relationships with existing partners in the events industry, HeadBox says depending on one supplier may have significant consequences if the supplier has unexpected supply chain problems. Working with several suppliers can help to avoid business disruptions as well as promote competitiveness for a function room Sydney.

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