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Everflow Accepted Into HubSpot App Marketplace

Everflow Integration Powers HubSpot Users To Develop Partnership Programs Faster
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Everflow announced that HubSpot users can now connect directly to Everflow’s leading partner marketing platform through the HubSpot App Marketplace. This integration provides B2B brands, advertising networks, agencies, and businesses the tools necessary to create scalable partnership programs.

Once connected, HubSpot leads are tracked through the full sales cycle in Everflow. With each step, users can track key funnel events, such as demo signup, customer follow-up, electronic document signing, or any desired custom event. Businesses can also choose to reward partners for driving events, providing an incentive for partnership loyalty.

“Today, over 90% of the interactions with your brand happen outside the original destination. Thus, companies can no longer rely on closed marketplace tracking,” states Ed Ceballos, Head of Partnerships at Everflow.

Acceptance into the HubSpot App Marketplace requires meeting predefined requirements and application review.

“We’re excited to offer an integration, as it enables our customers to take their partner marketing beyond managing affiliates or coupons,” states Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot.

“By tracking all performance channels and syncing HubSpot data, B2B and B2C companies can tie payouts to HubSpot pipeline stages — or even events like subscriptions and upsells. This helps companies drive more transparency in their partnerships and drill down into what delivers ROI,” adds Brinker.

One requirement for listing was for Everflow customers to test the integration.

Franshares, an innovative investment platform featured in fintech news sources like Business InsiderAmerican Express, and MarketWatch, utilized the integration to nurture offline leads from investors looking to easily invest in portfolios of thriving franchises.

According to Ceballos, this unique usage exemplifies what this integration can achieve.

“This integration enables HubSpot customers to properly track and attribute referrals, traffic, and conversions across their ecosystem of partners and digital properties, making growth through partnerships simple,” states Ceballos.

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