EVNA PR wins Prestigious Honor at the PR Net’s Next Gen Awards 2024


EVNA PR, a leading public relations agency helmed by founder Simona Rozhko, has clinched a coveted spot at The PR Net’s Next Gen Awards 2024, solidifying its position as an innovative and impactful player in the industry and the next generation of PR agencies to watch. This prestigious annual awards program celebrates agency excellence, highlighting the new thinkers, and groundbreakers shaping the future of the communications industry.

Launched in 2017 with a roster of hand-selected clients, EVNA PR achieved early success as a pioneer within the beauty space, earning a reputation as a virtuoso in bringing clean and sustainable products to market. The agency has garnered a burgeoning client list that has since diversified across multiple specialized sectors. With teams based in New York CityLos Angeles, and Dallas, the agency has strategically positioned itself as a trailblazer and maintains a deliberate portfolio of prestige brands, focusing on design, home and interiors, beauty, and sustainable luxury fashion.

EVNA PR’s success stems from its tailored approach using The EVNA PR Method, which aims to demystify traditional PR ambiguity and ensure impactful strategies that resonate with legacy and authority media audiences and lead to quantifiable and qualitative results. The agency’s unique blend of earned media tactics, including strategic product placement, brand storytelling, and founder and thought leadership initiatives, has consistently propelled clients into the spotlight and increased market share value coupled with intentional partnerships, collaborations, and events.

Founder and CEO Simona Rozhko, a Ukrainian native raised in California, brings a personal touch to EVNA PR’s ethos, emphasizing synergy, inclusion, and creativity in shaping brand campaigns. Under her leadership, EVNA PR has secured over 30 awards for clients, partnered with more than 100 trusted brands, and executed over 250 successful PR campaigns, showcasing the agency’s depth of experience and industry impact.

“We are honored to be recognized by The PR Net’s Next Gen Awards 2024. This accolade underscores our commitment to innovative strategies, meaningful connections, and amplifying the stories of purpose-driven businesses,” said Simona Rozhko, Founder and CEO of EVNA PR. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team as we continue to push boundaries in how PR agencies operate, perform, and build a legacy. We look forward to continuing our journey of excellence and impact in public relations.”

EVNA PR’s clientele encompasses a wide range of Sephora-backed beauty brands alongside a growing number of voices in home décor, interior design, and sustainable luxury fashion, reflecting the agency’s versatility and ability to navigate diverse market landscapes while maintaining a unique niche. EVNA PR’s win at The PR Net’s Next Gen Awards 2024 not only celebrates past accomplishments but also sets the stage for future milestones as the agency continues to redefine industry standards and elevate brand narratives with passion and purpose.

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