Ezoic launched Enterprise Tier for digital publishers


Ezoic, a leading technology-driven platform for digital creators, announced the launch of its new program tailored for enterprise-scale digital publishers and video creators. The Enterprise program builds upon the success of Ezoic’s VIP offering, marking a significant expansion of its services. This new tier introduces a comprehensive suite of exclusive services and features aimed at supporting creators in SEO and audience building, content creation, monetization, and video.

The Enterprise program grants creators access to the world’s most advanced publishing technology, coupled with personalized support from the industry’s foremost experts in yield optimization, search engine optimization, site speed, content creation, and video strategies. Uniquely, the program offers publishers direct access to Ezoic’s engineering resources to assist with their technology developments—a first in the industry.s

The introduction of the Enterprise program extends Ezoic’s leadership in providing advanced solutions for larger creators, facilitating their evolution from authoritative voices to global brands.

“Ezoic is thrilled to collaborate with leading brands that trust our data-driven approach to navigate the digital content landscape amid significant industry disruptions,” said Dwayne Lafleur, CEO of Ezoic. “With the advent of generative AI, creators face both opportunities and challenges. They seek not only cutting-edge tools but also insights from pioneers who understand these technologies. With 14 years of experience and as an innovator in AI for digital content publishers, Ezoic, reaching over 1 billion individuals monthly, is uniquely positioned to offer the modern direction and support these creators require.”

The Enterprise program offers around-the-clock support and a suite of potent new tools designed to cater to creators’ needs over the next five years. “We believe enterprise creators are poised for unprecedented growth and success as the web evolves, and we are committed to helping them achieve that,” Lafleur added.

This exclusive program is available to content creators generating over $1,000,000 per year from their content.

Concurrently with the launch of the Enterprise program, Ezoic is revising the requirements for its other service levels. The VIP service is now exclusively available to those earning between $200,000 and $1,000,000 per year, and Level 4 is tailored for creators earning $50,000 to $200,000. For further details on the services offered and the new eligibility criteria, please visit

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