Extensiv Announces Ecommerce Solution Provider Program

Options range from simple “Find a 3PL” to building out a private label 4PL Network using Extensiv Network Manager

Extensiv (formerly 3PL Central) — delivering omnichannel software solutions for warehouse, inventory, and order management — today announced a program to help thousands of ecommerce agencies, system integrators, and consultants assist their customers in finding the right fulfillment solution for their needs. By partnering with Extensiv, early adopter agencies have already helped their direct-to-consumer sellers focus on the things they really care about — building great products, developing their brand, and selling more — while entrusting Extensiv to deliver the right fulfillment strategy.

As consumer expectations have continued to rise, online merchants are faced with a dizzying array of options for how to handle their fulfillment. Further, the diverse array of products being delivered today, from simple iPhone cases to bulky furniture and even hazardous materials like lithium batteries, means a one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to work.

By working with Extensiv, agencies can be confident that their customer will end up with the right fulfillment solution, without having to hire expensive in-house expertise. For some brands, the right solution is a fully outsourced strategy powered by one of the many 3PLs or fourth-party logistics (4PLs) providers available in our Fulfillment Marketplace. For others, it will mean utilizing Extensiv’s modern fulfillment software, including inventory management, order management, and warehouse management.

The Extensiv Ecommerce Solution Provider program offers three different ways to work with Extensiv to meet a client’s shipping needs:

  • Fulfillment Marketplace Affiliates: For agencies looking for a simple way to get started, Extensiv has created an affiliate program. In this model, solution providers simply share their custom link and, when clients sign up with an Extensiv 3PL, they share in the referral fees.
  • Referral Partners: In this more traditional referral model, agencies provide a warm introduction to Extensiv. If their client signs up to use Extensiv Order Manager, Extensiv Warehouse Manager, Extensiv Integration Manager, or connects with a 3PL through Fulfillment Marketplace, the solution provider receives a referral fee and/or the customer receives a discount. In cases where a client needs help choosing the best approach, Extensiv offers trusted guidance to select the strategy that is right for its unique needs.
  • Private Label 4PL: For ecommerce solution providers operating at scale, typically with 250 employees or more, Extensiv can support the creation of a private label 4PL. By combining Extensiv Network Manager with the company’s network of 1500+ connected 3PLs, virtually any organization can select the appropriate partner 3PLs and utilize Extensiv Network Manager to run their own 4PL. Extensiv Network Manager’s 4PL capabilities include distributed order management and routing, customer service, and 4PL billing.

“We had a client, a reseller of surf and action sportswear, with concerns of keeping deliverables on track,” said Maier Bianchi, Founder & CTO at Bemeir. “As their trusted Dev Agency, we decided moving from in-house fulfillment to a 3PL as soon as possible was the best solution. Extensiv’s trusted team guided the brand to find the perfect fulfillment partner in just a few weeks. Our client now sings their praises, and we continue to as well!”

“The thousands of ecommerce solution providers that help emerging brands develop their ecommerce sites and strategy are critical to making the ecommerce ecosystem work,” said Richard Kang, Extensiv’s vice president of business development & partnerships. “Our goal with this program is to help these solution providers deepen their relationships with their clients and become an even more trusted advisor. Agencies that want to get directly involved in fulfillment can do so with very little up-front investment by utilizing Network Manager to build a 4PL, while those that want to take a hands-off approach can refer clients to the Extensiv Fulfillment Marketplace. Either way, it is a win-win for solution providers and their customers.”

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