Firework Announces Groundbreaking In-Video Checkout Solution

The video e-commerce leader will help brands streamline the user experience and boost conversions with seamless, single-click purchasing within any shoppable or livestream video powered by Firework

Firework, the world’s largest video commerce solution for brands, today announced the release of the first fully-native, in-video checkout solution for the West’s burgeoning video commerce market. The new technology enables seamless, single-click purchase functionality within Firework’s shoppable and livestream videos, providing brands a truly frictionless shopping experience on both their own websites and across the open web.

The innovation, a first in the US market, speaks to the rise in consumer preferences for engaging video content and low-friction, e-commerce experiences — all while satisfying the increasingly critical need for brands to re-engage consumers on their owned and operated digital properties. With this announcement, Firework has become the first and only video commerce solution to offer these capabilities.

“Video continues to play an increasingly important role in the digital customer journey — enabling richer, more engaging experiences of brands and their products and, in turn, influencing purchase decisions,” said Eva Wang, Head of Commerce and Partnerships at Firework. “With Firework In-Video Checkout, brands can dramatically accelerate the path-to-purchase, closing that all-important gap between impression, engagement, and conversion. No other solution on the market gives brands the ability to condense the entire path to purchase into a single, fully-integrated experience — combining engaging video content with a frictionless e-commerce experience, and in the right context: brands’ owned and operated websites.”

The announcement comes at a time in which brands are increasingly in search of new revenue channels and strategies to combat falling conversion rates. As of August 2022, average conversion rates across all ecommerce businesses sat at just 1.62% — down 0.3 points from July and 0.06 points from the same time last year. At the same time, researchers have found that the average e-commerce website could realize a 35% increase in conversion rates simply by improving their checkout design. With Firework’s new In-Video Checkout solution, brands will be able to not only unlock new revenue channels in the form of livestreaming and short-form, shoppable video, but also combat waning conversion rates by streamlining and simplifying the purchase experience.

Prior to today’s general availability announcement, Firework issued a limited, Beta release to a small cohort of customers. Among those selected for the Beta release were direct-to-consumer womens’ skincare brand, Angela Caglia; and award-winning, all-natural foods brand, Spread The Love Foods.

“The decision to adopt Firework and its in-video checkout innovation was a no-brainer,” said Rob Carliner, co-founder and COO at Angela Caglia. “Not only are the platform’s technological capabilities in a league of their own, but the onboarding and integration process was as close to effortless as one could imagine for a solution this sophisticated. In no time, we had livestreaming and short-form, shoppable videos up and running on the site — with In-Video Checkout enabled — and a robust analytics dashboard providing us with a constant feedback loop of customer insights. Given the gains we’ve already seen, and those to come, I’m confident saying that any D2C brand that isn’t using Firework is missing out.”

An analysis of Angela Caglia’s flagship website,, found that visitors that viewed Firework powered shoppable video content saw a 4.3x increase in average session length; 3x increase in conversion rate; and 2x increase in average order size (compared to visitors not exposed to Firework content). Spread the Love Foods has experienced comparable lifts in time-on-site, average order volume, and conversion rates, since implementing Firework In-Video Checkout.

“Prior to adopting Firework, we’d had considerable success in attracting visitors to our website, but struggled mightily to maintain engagement and inspire purchasing decisions,” said Eloy Yndigoyen, CFO and Head of E-Commerce Growth & Operations at Spread the Love Foods. “Now, all that’s changed. Firework has not only allowed us to drive more meaningful, substantive brand engagement with our customers — through the power of livestreaming and short-form video — but it’s also been instrumental in elevating those all-important conversion rates, and cultivating, loyal, long-term customer relationships.”

Fireworks new In-Video Checkout feature can be implemented across any and all livestream and short-form Firework video modules — on both users’ own digital properties and in off-site, programmatic ads. In-Video Checkout customers only need to fill in their billing information once (with their first purchase), after which their name, email address, and shipping location are securely stored for future use — allowing returning customers to complete the entire online checkout experience with a single click, inside the video module. Customers can also apply coupons and promo codes, and select from multiple payment options without ever exiting the short video or livestream experience.

In addition to the right tools and technologies, a successful video commerce strategy also requires the right content and resources. That’s why Firework has complemented its industry-leading technological capabilities with a comprehensive suite of end-to-end creative services. Firework Creative Services is a team of industry experts dedicated to helping brands become fluent in the language of livestream shopping and shoppable video. Firework Creative Services helps brands with a wide variety of both fully managed and consultative support, including creative and content strategy, activation training, casting, creative development, and ongoing optimization strategies and full video production.

To learn more about Firework In-Video Checkout and its complementary capabilities and services, please visit

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