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Fivetran helps Dropbox Discover Business Insights

Fivetran connects 70+ data sources for cloud storage leader, improving customer experience and marketing insights

Fivetran announced that its data movement platform has been selected by Dropbox, Inc.  to enable its marketing and customer experience teams to make faster, data-driven decisions. Fivetran is providing its platform to enable Dropbox to reduce data ingestion and reporting time from several weeks to 30 minutes, improving efficiency and helping the company uncover insights more quickly.

Previously, Dropbox built its own custom data connectors with data engineers taking up to 8 weeks for a pipeline to go live. Dropbox’s Customer Experience (CX) department tapped Fivetran to replace a critical Zendesk data integration that was not built to support its needs for real-time, self-service access to high-quality data for reporting.

“The CX team and I were able to turn on our first connector in less than 30 minutes,” said Lauren Lin, Data Engineering Manager at Dropbox. “Fivetran delivered tremendous time savings and has allowed Dropbox to transform how quickly it can access new data with the potential to unlock business-critical insights.”

Dropbox soon expanded its use of Fivetran as its enterprise-wide data platform. The Dropbox marketing team wanted more insights into their various channels to understand spend and ROI. Fivetran now regularly ingests data from LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter and Google Ads to provide the Dropbox marketing department a more complete picture of their return on ad spend. Now the team can make smarter decisions about where to allocate advertising dollars for the biggest impact.

Dropbox is now also ingesting terabytes of data from hundreds of sources and systems from the acquisitions of HelloSign, DocSend and FormSwift. With Fivetran, Dropbox is bringing data together to deliver key insights to streamline operations, eliminate redundancies, and empower leadership to answer questions they haven’t been able to previously address.

“Dropbox is a model example of what a data-driven organization looks like at scale. The company has invested heavily in giving its leaders the means to understand and drive decisions based on data, leading to a productive and engaged workforce as well as improving business outcomes and cost-efficiency,” said Rachel Thornton, Chief Marketing Officer at Fivetran. “Fivetran is a critical driver of the unified data environment that Dropbox has created across all lines of business to unlock new growth opportunities.”

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