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Flooid Announces Deeper Collaboration with Adobe

Retail Innovations with Adobe and Magento to be Showcased at NRF 2020
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Flooid, the leading retail commerce provider of baskets that follow customers, not channels, announced a deeper collaboration with Adobe martech news.

Consumers today buy experiences, not products. Serving relevant and timely content is central to delivering a great brand experience martech. But why limit your personalized content to online only? Surfacing personalized content on your in-store employee devices can drive measurable and incremental revenue. Adobe and Flooid understand the benefits of engaging with customers in store 1:1. Enable your store to become the digital hub of the future. The Adobe Experience Platform, in combination with Flooid App Suite and Flooid core, can digitize your store.

“Targeting customers in a non-invasive, and personal way, leveraging instore tech you already have – is a measurable winner. Flooid is working with Adobe to extend the edges of marketing and content reach – to the store, instore employee devices, and customer-facing self-checkout and consumer scan/pay/go.” Tanya Bowen, Chief Digital Officer, Flooid.

“Adobe’s work with Flooid to deliver highly-personalized and visually rich content across customer touchpoint is a powerful way to drive brand loyalty and increase purchase,” says Michael Klein, Director, Industry Strategy for Retail, Adobe.

Offering an omnichannel experience that connects the dots between online and offline is essential to frictionless commerce. Magento, an Adobe company, works with Flooid to connect your online and in-store businesses so customers can buy whenever they want, through any channel, and expect a variety of delivery options.

By leveraging Flooid’s heritage in the store space including mobile endless aisle, personalized promotions, and Basket by Flooid in conjunction with Magento’s commerce platform and OMS – our collaboration will deliver the many omnichannel and digital journeys to suit your business.

“We are excited to work with Magento to enable better design and delivery of seamless browsing, shopping and ordering for customers. Sharing core capabilities such as Basket by Flooid and linking the online with the offline journey should translate to lower TCO for retailers,” said Tanya Bowen, Chief Digital Officer, Flooid.

“Flooid offers innovative omnichannel capabilities to Magento merchants, enabling them to connect the dots between basket, transaction and order. We’re excited to have Flooid be part of the Magento Technology Partner community,” said Peter Sheldon, Senior Director of Strategy, Adobe.

++ Both Flooid and Adobe are exhibiting at NRF 2020 at booths #5737 and #5810 respectively.

About Flooid
The Flooid platform delivers deep and resilient basket functionality across store and online sales channels. With high levels of multi-vertical capability, Flooid handles the sales operations for some of the world’s most complex grocery, specialty, fashion and food and beverage retailers in their POS, self-checkout, mobile, eCommerce and social environments. Flooid is designed to handle both the high levels of throughput and resilience that a store demands, and the hyper-scalability required for mobile and online sales. With its powerful API set, developer toolkit and the growing community of partners, Flooid enables retailers to tap into the massive ecosystem of start-ups, innovators and IOT technologies to remove the limits of their innovations. For more information visit

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