Floship’s Intelligent Logtech Empowers Ecommerce Sustainability


For ecommerce owners, juggling multiple service providers to manage their entire logistics ecosystem is the norm. When faced with a myriad of access points, managing a cross-border supply chain that spans time zones and locations can easily go wrong; orders may fall off the back of the truck leading to dissatisfied customers, wasted time, and money lost. Not only that, the rise of ecommerce has also brought about a parallel increase in negative environmental impact and elevated carbon emissions that digital store owners may not be aware of.

Enter Floship, a powerful intelligent platform that simplifies cross-border shipping by enabling online store owners to unify their entire supply chain management from a single access point whilst empowering them to reduce their carbon footprint.

Powerfully Intelligent Technology

“Floship is a powerhouse that connects the entire supply chain — everything from the manufacturer, warehouse systems, delivery mechanisms, and returns solutions into one single piece,” explains Aditya Halan, Chief Technology Officer, Floship. “Think of it like a bank, where various services come together under one roof and are offered to the customers.”

Floship’s intelligent portal incorporates a customer-based automated rule engine — enabling users to establish rules across their entire supply chain for a much more structured and smoother shipping process. “The customizable automation rule engine makes supply chain management much simpler, minimizes the risk of human-made errors, and is less time-consuming for ecommerce owners, enabling them to focus on maximizing their brand’s growth opportunities. This is the driving force behind our technology’s development,” elaborated Halan. “But where Floship’s technology really excels is in its capabilities to reduce ecommerce’s carbon footprint across the entire supply chain,” he shared.

Sustainable Shipping Options

Floship’s portal leverages its AI Rule Engine to automate time-consuming tasks including shipping address validation, country-specific shipping document generation, order routing, and carrier selection all based on the store owner’s preferences and customer’s order. The portal’s artificial intelligence also automatically optimizes and selects the best-fit packaging on an individual or multiple SKU level based on product dimensions. This positively impacts an ecommerce’s environmental imprint by eliminating excess packaging thereby reducing volumetric weight which in turn cuts down transportation-related CO2 emissions along with shipping costs.

Yet, Floship’s portal’s green benefits do not stop there. “One of the key benefits that our users can leverage within our portal is to select from a vast range of shipping options thanks to our extensive carrier network and offer them to their customers,” Halan expounded. “Since a number of carriers provide carbon-neutral shipping or ‘net-zero’ shipping methods, our technology empowers ecommerce owners to take advantage of green shipping options at exclusive rates and provide them to their customers which enhances environmental accountability from end-to-end across the supply chain.”

According to research, 91% of consumers want to see eco-friendly shipping options at checkout — even amongst those who say eco-friendly practices are not important when shopping online and are willing to wait longer and pay more for eco-friendly deliveries. By utilizing Floship’s all-in-one smart technology, ecommerce owners have a much more seamless way to offer a diverse range of green shipping options to their customers without having to spend considerable time, effort, or resources.

“Another way that Floship’s technology helps ecommerce stores become more environmentally friendly is through its route optimization feature. This component of the platform discovers the most cost-effective and optimal way to get users’ products to their customers quickly,” explained Halan.

Adopting Floship’s platform that optimizes shipping from the get-go can drastically reduce an ecommerce brand’s environmental and operational headaches. Cutting unnecessary time on the road to get items to the end user in an expedited, eco-friendlier, and more efficient manner could positively impact customers’ experience and satisfaction whilst keeping operational costs to a minimum.

Fulfilling A Sustainable Future

Though Floship has already digitally disrupted the supply chain, Halan and the Floship team are not just content with greening the last-mile and packaging components. Several of Floship’s worldwide network of fulfillment centers including its Hong Kong and US-based warehouses have recently rolled out an intelligent robotic warehouse solution. “We’re developing new ways of how we can maximize our AI technology to replace manual work wherever possible. At Floship, we understand that digitizing and optimizing fulfillment is the future as is sustainability. Our objective is to not only address ecommerce pain points and help store owners grow their brands but also to empower them to make greener decisions from end-to-end across their entire supply chain,” concluded Halan.

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