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Former Head Of Amazon Rekognition Humphrey Chen Joins VidMob

the company has hired Humphrey Chen as Chief Product Officer

VidMob, the world’s leading technology platform for scalable, data-informed advertising creative today announced a significant addition to its expanding product team. Nearly two months after closing a $25 million Series B financing, the company has hired Humphrey Chen as Chief Product Officer. Chen previously served as the head of Rekognition, Amazon’s leading computer vision service.

VidMob has pioneered the field of first-party creative data, and today counts hundreds of the world’s leading marketers as its clients, as they use its technology platform, the Agile Creative Studio, to better understand which creative elements are driving advertising performance within different audiences, and why. In addition to working directly with brands, VidMob is also the only company to be an official creative partner of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

“Marketers are beginning to understand the power of creative data,” said Alex Collmer, founder and CEO, VidMob. “They want to make smarter, better performing ad creative – that is more cost-effective. They also need to do it more quickly in order to be able to leverage the inflowing data to improve results mid-campaign. But they’re beginning to realize that you cannot accomplish these goals without a powerful technology platform, and I can’t think of anyone better positioned to take our innovations to the next level than Humphrey.”

VidMob’s Agile Creative Studio has been working with Amazon Rekognition for nearly two years, leveraging its computer vision solution, as well as proprietary technology, to help marketers tag all of the creative attributes of every piece of media they make. That creative attribute data is then crossed with the corresponding performance data for each piece of media so that VidMob’s platform and data scientists can surface unique insights on why ads are performing the way that they are, and how to improve them. To-date, VidMob’s platform has generated over 500 million creative attribute tags for its clients and crossed that element data with a third of a trillion user impressions in order to generate its platform insights.

“Since the early days of working with VidMob, I’ve been fascinated by the powerful implications of their creative data platform,” said Chen. “Their fundamental respect for the irreplaceable power of human creativity, coupled with their belief that a technology platform can be built to enhance it and make it smarter has the power to change industries. I’m thrilled to join the team and help advance their mission.”

Chen will be overseeing the development of VidMob’s core product, the Agile Creative Studio, as well as the advancement of the company’s external facing API’s, as it continues its work to build an open API for creativity.  Additionally, a graduate of both Harvard Business School and MIT, Chen will oversee VidMob’s collaboration with MIT to advance its machine-learning based recommender systems. “VidMob is at the forefront of a revolution in the nascent field of creative data,” said the David Austin Professor of Management at MIT and Professor in the Institute for Data, Systems and Society, Sinan Aral, who is also an investor in VidMob through his involvement with the venture fund, Manifest Capital. “Their team has been great to work with, as they share our vision of a data-driven world.  Adding the former head of the world’s leading computer vision platform just makes me more excited about the direction of our work together.”

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