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Forrester announces Full Conference Agenda For CX Summit EMEA 2024

The event will share actionable insights to help CX, digital, and B2C marketing leaders seize the generative AI opportunity to create meaningful customer experiences

Forrester announced the full conference agenda for its CX Summit EMEA event being held in London and digitally on June 24-26, 2024. Customers expect more personalised services that reflect their unique preferences and behaviours. With the advances in AI, companies now have an opportunity to integrate generative AI (genAI) tools with human capabilities to deliver more intuitive and responsive customer experiences (CX) that foster loyalty and satisfaction. However, the socioeconomic and cultural differences in Europe, combined with new AI regulations, pose a challenge, requiring a deep understanding of how to effectively integrate human and AI experiences, while managing the new and complex regulatory landscape.

Featuring immersive experiences, keynote presentations, case studies, and dedicated breakout sessions, CX Summit EMEA will offer the latest research and frameworks to help CX, digital, and B2C marketing leaders understand how AI will transform customer and business interactions in the future.

Noteworthy sessions include:

  • Solve The AI Customer’s Dilemma: To Be Or Not To Be. This keynote session outlines the emerging AI rules and requirements, and what companies must do to build trust and succeed in an AI-driven future.
  • How CX Teams Can Unlock The GenAI Promise. In this session, CX leaders will learn how to anticipate the changes genAI will bring to their teams.
  • Key Steps To A Successful Talent Strategy In The Age Of AI. This keynote will share why talent acquisition is breaking under the strain of AI-enabled applicants and the tools needed to succeed in a talent-restrained world.
  • Ignore The Hype And Focus On How You Get The Most Out Of (Gen)AI. This session reveals how to avoid the most common pitfalls and anticipate the key actions needed to succeed with genAI.
  • Sustainability Now, Not Later: AI Will Supercharge The Green Market Revolution. In this session, understand how to apply AI to scale environmental sustainability use cases.
  • Align CX, Digital, And Tech With Metrics That Matter. This session discusses what CX metrics companies must use to foster internal alignment.

CX Summit EMEA will also honour the recipient of Forrester’s 2024 Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award – EMEA, which recognises companies that drive business success by putting customers at the centre of their leadership strategy and operations. In addition, attendees can experience Forrester’s CX certification course, participate in Forrester’s Women’s Leadership Program and take part in the GenAI Hackathon, an interactive networking session that will explore the strengths and weaknesses of AI tools. Senior leaders can attend an invitation-only executive programme, the Executive Leadership Exchange, to expand on the Forrester thought leadership presented at the conference and discuss best practices aligned to executive priorities.

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