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FullStory™️ Launched to Automatically Identify Revenue-Impacting Digital Experience Challenges

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FullStory’s new Conversions product empowers e-commerce and SaaS product teams with proactive insights into quantitative and qualitative digital experience data so they can rapidly find, fix, and optimize.

FullStory has launched Conversions, a wholly new, proactive technology built to make it easy for e-commerce and SaaS product teams to identify, prioritize, and solve digital experience problems, enabling them to drive revenue.

Conversions combines powerful quantitative analysis with qualitative context from real customer experiences so that product teams can take decisive action to measurably improve those online experiences.

“Our customers need technology to do more than just collect data. They need it to give them answers—sometimes to questions they didn’t even think to ask. Conversions makes it easy for product teams to shine a light on the problems and opportunities hiding in their data,” shares Chief Product Officer and FullStory Co-Founder Bruce Johnson. “Conversions gives product teams the answers they need to act fast and with confidence, knowing they’re working on what’s most important to their business.”

Conversions is built upon FullStory’s industry-leading digital experience technology. The FullStory digital experience platform stores and organizes online customer experiences, enabling experience-based analytics, behavior-based search and segmentation, heat maps, on-the-fly funnels, and pixel-perfect session replay—all in a secure, scalable, and privacy-compliant way.

Conversions extends the platform’s capabilities by combining the business-critical user journeys of customers with FullStory’s machine intelligence smarts. The result is a list of digital experience opportunities where each opportunity is quantified and prioritized based on impact. In addition, each opportunity includes relevant details and analysis as well as the underlying digital experiences of actual users, critical context made possible through session replay. The result is teams have precisely what they need to take action and move their business objectives forward.

You can learn more about FullStory’s new Conversions product on the company’s blog.

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