Fyllo|Semasio’s Contextual Transition, Jeff Ragovin becomes CEO


Fyllo|Semasio, the leading provider of contextual targeting solutions, announced today that Jeff Ragovin has been elevated from President to CEO. At the same time, Ragovin announced that the company has begun migrating its entire portfolio of audience taxonomy data into privacy-compliant contextual segments via its Semasio targeting platform, which advertisers can use to drive performance in a post-cookie environment. The transition is currently underway and should be fully complete in Q1 2024.

With the transition, Fyllo laid out its vision of Semasio and contextual advertising as the future of privacy-compliant performance while reengineering how the company does business. The new contextual audiences will be available through Semasio across all major distribution platforms, including The Trade Desk, Adform and Infillion.

“Infillion is pleased to further our partnership with Semasio following our acquisition and relaunch of the MediaMath platform. Reintroducing Semasio to the MediaMath DSP is a key step in Infillion’s strategy,” said Rob Emrich, founder and executive chair, Infillion. “Our five-plus year collaboration with Semasio underscores their significant impact, particularly in advanced contextual and keyword targeting. This partnership not only elevates our platform but also positions us at the forefront of audience targeting in the evolving, cookieless digital landscape.”

“Serving as CEO of Fyllo during our transition to purely contextual performance represents the culmination of my journey with this pioneering, one-of-a-kind company,” Ragovin said. “By transitioning Fyllo’s audience taxonomy into Semasio-led fully contextual taxonomies, we’re providing our clients and partners the opportunity to embrace a hybrid strategy before cookies fully deprecate. The entire digital ad ecosystem is looking at foundational disruption in 2024 that will transform how they do business, and contextual advertising promises to be the new paradigm.”

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