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Three Trends for AI First Customer Service in 2024: Ada

Automated Resolution is the next big customer service metric

Ada, the AI-native customer service automation company, today released its 2024 Trend Report showcasing the three trends that businesses using AI-powered customer service can expect for the year ahead. Ada analyzed hundreds of use cases and data from its clients to uncover what is shaping the customer service revolution caused by AI.

“Our data shows that AI is creating extraordinary customer service, and will keep improving customer service into 2024. It’s no surprise that our clients who have implemented AI-powered customer service solutions are seeing first-hand the benefits to their business,” said Mike Murchison, CEO and founder, Ada.

The trend report found:

  • Automated Resolution is the customer service metric of the future. There’s a direct correlation between the increase in the rate of Automated Resolution (a fully automated conversation between a customer and a company that does not escalate to a human agent) and the increase in overall customer satisfaction scores, with every 10 point increase in AR bringing a 6 point increase in CSAT, on average.
  • AI is developing beyond basic workflows towards reasoning and resolving all manner of complex issues. While FAQs are currently the most successfully automated use case with the highest conversation volume, action oriented inquiries are increasingly in demand as consumers look to AI to solve problems (e.g., password reset, order modification, etc.) rather than just sharing information.
  • Generative AI will move companies off scripted chatbots to more sophisticated AI agents, and that transition increases both automated resolution and CSAT.

“We use Automated Resolution Rate as a core KPI for our digital support team, and we are reporting it up to our senior leadership because of the efficiencies that we are driving through the business through our relationship with Ada,” said Allie Hurley, Head of Global Support, ClickUp.

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