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With the unprecedented growth of online shopping over the past year, it’s never been more important for retail, e-commerce and third-partly logistics companies (3PLs) to solve the reverse logistics puzzle. Leveraging more than 30 years of experience and a proven track-record for revolutionizing the reverse supply chain industry, G2 Reverse Logistics has arrived with a technology-driven solution that unlocks revenue and value for customers.

“We started G2 to reinvent reverse logistics. We saw a need in the marketplace to build on what we had accomplished in our past and do so with modern tools, technology and innovation,” said Herb Shear, Executive Chairman and Cofounder, G2 Reverse Logistics. “We’re not a typical start-up. We’re more of a shake-up for the industry and a wake-up for businesses looking to maximize net recovery.”

The G2 platform is built on a rules-based software engine that leverages data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide valuable insights into returns management with an unbiased approach that maximizes efficiency and revenue. The innovative online portal also offers customers visibility into their entire product returns lifecycle.

“Nobody is looking at the entire reverse logistics puzzle the way we are at G2. From the customer experience at the initiation of the return, to the processing and recovery process, G2 has considered every aspect of the reverse logistics puzzle to provide customers with the highest net recovery,” said Tom Perry, CEO and Cofounder, G2 Reverse Logistics. “We’ve developed a software solution that operates like a neutral ‘control tower’ by collecting and analyzing data to determine the best outcome for our customers. We also provide a completely outsourced solution that is adaptable to each customers’ unique needs.”

Returns have become a critical component of the retail customer experience. More than ever, shoppers are expecting an omni-channel retail experience, and reverse logistics plays a significant part in the overall customer experience. The rise in online shopping saw customer returns climb by 70% in 2020, ultimately driving up costs for retailers.

“Customer service, technology and innovation is at the core of everything we do,” said Perry. “Managing returns effectively is just as important for customer experience and bottom-line growth as the more traditionally emphasized elements of the supply chain.”

Reverse logistics is the return of products from the customer to the seller—the reverse of the forward logistics process. It applies to goods returned to a retailer and further up the chain to a distributor or manufacturer.

“Reverse logistics is a complex process and for many retailers and businesses new to ecommerce, it is often an afterthought,” said Perry. “G2 can help improve profitability, brand credibility, and sustainability efforts with ROI coming from lower costs, higher revenues, and enhanced brand reputation.”

The G2 Team:

Herb Shear, Executive Chairman and Cofounder 
Herb was formally the Executive Chairman and CEO of GENCO. Herb joined GENCO in 1971 and became the family’s third generation involved in the logistics business. Herb successfully led the company’s growth from a $300,000 business to a $1.6 billion company that employed over 12,000 teammates. The company’s service offering included transportation management, freight brokerage, distribution and fulfillment management, and reverse logistics. GENCO was the industry leader in providing reverse logistics software and operations to retailers, brands, pharmaceutical and technology companies.

Herb is the first recipient of the Reverse Logistics Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a past recipient of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ Distinguished Service Award, the association’s highest honor to an individual who has made significant, career-long contributions to the supply chain management and logistics professions.

Tom Perry, CEO and Cofounder
Most of Tom’s 31 years of logistics experience is at GENCO, where he was President of the company’s Reverse/Retail business and the Chief Technology Officer, a role Tom continued to hold immediately following the FedEx acquisition of GENCO. Earlier in his GENCO career, Tom also served in a variety of operational leadership roles. Prior to GENCO, Tom’s background included formative experience at Cumberland Distribution (acquired by GENCO), Exel Logistics (now DHL) and Dauphin Distribution (acquired by Exel).

Eric Smith, COO and Cofounder
Eric’s 25-year career has been entirely centered on supply-chain management, starting as an intern from Middle Tennessee State University, as an Inventory Control Specialist at the nation’s largest private-label healthcare manufacturing company. Eric brings a wealth of experience and proven results to the G2 organization and will drive a culture of thriving operational excellence to its teammates, partners, and customers.

Eric spent most of his career at GENCO as the Senior Vice President and customer relationship owner of the company’s largest customers. Under Eric’s leadership, the Technology Business group grew to become the largest business unit in the organization.

Julian Mitchell, CIO and Cofounder 
Julian oversees the technology strategy and teams to evolve, scale, and optimize G2’s platform. He brings over 15 years of experience in Supply Chain and Reverse Logistics technology. He has led the implementation of multiple innovative solutions that created business value in market capture, cost savings, and increasing net recovery.

Julian’s prior experience includes Managing Director of IT in FedEx Supply Chain, creating Supply Chain strategy and architecture practice, leading product management and software engineering team, and overseeing research and development efforts. His team led the technology implementation of FedEx® Fulfillment and Returns Technology, two strategic initiatives targeted to accelerate FedEx’s e-commerce capabilities. Julian has also held varying technology positions at Genco, UPS, and others.

Julie Arington, SVP of People and Marketing
Julie is responsible for building the foundational programs and processes required to scale a start-up company – including human resources programs, project management initiatives, product management, branding, and marketing.

Formerly at FedEx, Julie managed a team of product managers and analysts, who developed strategic growth playbooks and launched new products. Under her leadership, her team built multiple programs and products to support company growth in the e-commerce fulfillment and returns space. Prior to working at FedEx, Julie also has experience in new business implementation, software implementations, talent management, change management, and human resources.

Matt Lhormer, Vice President Solutions 
Matt’s 30-year career has spanned multiple disciplines including Operations, Engineering, Solutions and Sales with industry leading companies like FedEx, GENCO and Home Depot.

In Matt’s prior role as Managing Director at FedEx, he led a team of logistics professionals that developed strong relationships with Fortune 100 companies built around operational excellence, innovation and trust.

Chris Schneider, Director of Product
Chris’s background is uniquely positioned at the intersection of IT and operations and he excels at finding opportunities to use technology to streamline operational activities to reduce both cost and waste.

Chris leads the development and implementation of industry best reverse logistics processes, from both the software and operational perspective. Chris has dedicated his nearly 30-year career to helping manufactures and retailers of all sizes implement effective and efficient reverse logistics programs that provide clients with the optimal return for the product in their reverse pipeline. Most recently, Chris was able to develop a reverse logistics program to enable a multi-tenant facility to handle both B2C and B2B returns. This project included software design, operational infrastructure, and implementation.

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