Gale Strategies Launches First Principles Marketing Platform

Gale Strategies

Gale Strategies Addresses Demand for Results-Driven B2B Technology Marketing

Today Gale Strategies announced the launch of its first principles marketing platform. Building on their already widely successful marketing and public relations process – connecting businesses with the audiences that drive their growth – Gale Strategies’ new capabilities take marketing performance to a new level.

“We pursue a first principles approach, which is to say we don’t just do things for our clients because it’s considered marketing,” said Gale Strategies co-founder Chris Gale. “We narrow down to a process focused on actually bringing in deals, investments or credible category leadership. We cut away the nonsense and exercise healthy skepticism in selecting, testing and proving the right package and sequence of tactics, and overall strategy for our clients.”

Gale Strategies was launched to dispense with B2B technology public relations and marketing that could not show its value and relied on vague measures of success. The new platform includes:

  • Publication relations
  • Social marketing
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • SalesOps

Gale Strategies’ offering is rooted in bringing in specific opportunities in a highly targeted manner that aligns with clients’ sales pipelines, investor relations and deal flow. The team was built from the ground up to deliver a scalable, seamless, tech-driven marketing platform. Gale Strategies delivers high touch service with intuitive processes, connecting audiences with businesses through intelligent, efficient production.

The firm’s clients include leading private equity, enterprise technology and tech startup teams. Gale Strategies intentionally diversifies the industry verticals they serve to focus on intersections where technology is transforming longstanding, complex, high stakes work.

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