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GetResponse released new internal research on email deliverability


Ahead of new Gmail and Yahoo email regulations this week, GetResponse, a leading global email marketing platform, has released new internal research on email deliverability to explore the potential impact for those who comply.

The email deliverability statistics highlight that emails sent from a company’s own domain and not a free domain like Gmail, significantly outperform those sent from free domains in terms of global open rates (OR)41.76% for custom domains compared to 32.32% for free domains.  The study also reveals a significant increase in click-through rates (CTR), from 2.83% for free domains to over 4% for custom domains. This research further underlines both the importance of custom domain use to inbox providers, and the positive impact they have for businesses, with them leading to more web traffic, increased brand engagement, and a higher email marketing ROI overall.

Moreover, authenticated custom domains are crucial in strengthening a company’s brand reputation by aligning the sender’s email-sending reputation with the organization itself.

Michael Leszczynski, Head of Content Marketing & Partnerships at GetResponse, comments: “These industry changes will impact everyone. Those individuals and businesses not educated on the new regulations face the risk of falling behind. However, I still feel it will be a positive step forward for the industry. It ensures that the email marketing and deliverability practices advocated by GetResponse are now enforced by leading inbox providers. This means better deliverability for our customers and better emails for their subscribers. At GetResponse, we’ve taken care of that by enabling our customers to purchase a custom domain for email marketing campaigns directly through our platform, as we aim to make these new regulations less cumbersome for our customers. They can even get a free custom domain for a year if they sign up for a discounted annual plan”.

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