Giftsenda Empowers Sales and Marketing Teams in Over 200 Countries

Giftsenda is a global scale gifting and direct mail platform that provides access to a wide variety of gifts in more than 200 countries, coupled with intuitive automation tools and CRM integration. It was designed to help businesses around the world break through the noise and make meaningful business connections with gift-first marketing and sales tactics.
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Within just a few months of using the Giftsenda platform, which launched in 2021, corporate marketing and sales teams have reported unprecedented growth in their conversion rates of new leads and event registrations. While this growth is also reflected in their bottom line, users of the gifting platform say what they are most pleased with is the boost in the motivation of their sales teams.

According to the founder, Dmitriy Peregudov, the goal with Giftsenda was to create a SaaS platform that would act as another member of the Demand Generation team. “I’ve always believed that sending a gift is a great way to build customer loyalty, and in recent years I’ve taken it a step further with our gift-first approach, driving conversions at various stages of the customer’s journey from prospecting and beyond.”

With various use-cases, which include using gifts as invites for meetings, celebrating milestones, activating old leads and assisting with client retention, Giftsenda acts as a tool to add a human touch to the sales process, while improving ROI and lead conversion rates with its useful features.

  • International Reach: Corporate gift campaigns are possible in nearly every country in the world.
  • Superior Gift Selection: With access to 1000s of gifts at its global Marketplace, including eGifts, gourmet snacks, tech gifts, and more, it’s easy for any business to impress leads and VIPs internationally.
  • CRM Integration: Update your recipient list quickly by synching with your favorite CRM to automate your gifting campaigns.
  • 24/7 Multilingual Customer Service: The Giftsenda team backs its customers every step of the way with an around-the-clock multilingual team of gift consultants.
  • Customizable Gifts & Swag: Customers can personalize their gifts and add their branding and logo to various items.
  • Automated Follow-Up and KPI Reports: Customers can easily track their data from the Giftsenda dashboard.
  • Send Gifts with No Address: Using just an email address or a mobile number, customers can send gift invites to recipients, even when they don’t have a delivery address.
  • Flexibility and Personalization: Gift recipients enjoy 5-star treatment; they can choose a gift from a variety of pre-selected options, swap to a different gift type (physical or digital), or even donate the value of their gift to a charity.

By adding a personal touch to the sales pipeline in a digitally driven world, Giftsenda empowers ABM-focused sales and marketing teams to take their efforts to the next level, while saving time and cutting direct mail costs.

Giftsenda plans to roll out Gift Collections and other versatile updates in 2022 –  find out more by signing up for a free trial or by contacting them for a free demo. Giftsenda is also open for partnership with leading marketing agencies & integration partners worldwide to empower their customers with one-stop global gifting solutions.

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