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Gigasheet, RevenueBase to simplify B2B sales intelligence enrichment


Gigasheet is pleased to announce its partnership with RevenueBase, its newest sales intelligence data provider. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of enhanced operational efficiency and targeted outreach for sales and marketing professionals worldwide.

By integrating with RevenueBase’s comprehensive global database, boasting over 110 million prospect profiles and 3 million organizations, Gigasheet’s users are now able to enrich their leads with over 25 data points including mobile phone numbers, email addresses, location, LinkedIn profile URLs, and employer information. This partnership ensures that sales and marketing teams can effortlessly enrich massive lead lists sourced from various channels, including flat files or CRM platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce, with a few simple clicks.

“By leveraging RevenueBase’s database and Gigasheet’s unique strengths – our ability to operate at a massive scale, far beyond what Google Sheets or Excel can offer, and our intuitive, no-code interface – we are transforming the B2B sales and marketing landscape. This collaboration not only brings together vast amounts of data, but also lowers barriers to making it actionable and accessible.” explained Jason Hines, CEO, and co-founder of Gigasheet.

RevenueBase stands out among B2B data solutions, providing high-quality, company and contact information designed to catalyze revenue growth. The platform’s services, tailored to the needs of sales and marketing teams, include features like market sizing, data management, and pre-intent data, aimed at automating prospect research and improving campaign effectiveness.

Outdated or incomplete contact data have long plagued sales and marketing professionals, leading to missed opportunities. “This integration will create tremendous efficiencies in recruiting, enabling our recruiters to get to the right candidates and focus on what they do best. The ability to easily work with and enhance large datasets enables us to rapidly make connections between talent and opportunity,” says Debby Abel, CEO of Abel Personnel.

Gigasheet’s integration with RevenueBase is available as one of its Keyless Entry enrichments, requiring no additional license key. Users can sign up for a free Gigasheet account to receive 1,000 monthly credits or opt for a Gigasheet Premium account for 10,000 monthly enrichment credits, with additional add-on packs available for purchase. The RevenueBase enrichment is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market, up to ten times more cost effective than alternatives.

This partnership not only signifies a leap towards data-driven excellence, but also embodies the shared vision of Gigasheet and RevenueBase to empower sales and marketing teams with the tools they need to excel in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Gigasheet offers an easy-to-use platform for big data management and analysis, serving over 100,000 users. It allows individuals to analyze large datasets, eliminating the need for complex database software or programming skills. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make it an indispensable tool for business professionals.

RevenueBase is a leading provider of B2B data solutions, focusing on delivering high-quality, unlimited company and contact information for one flat price. Its services are designed to enhance revenue growth by automating prospect research and enabling sales and marketing teams to build better relationships and increase conversions.

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