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Glance named one of notable vendors in CX orchestration landscape

Report highlights real-time impact of customer journey orchestration through data, AI and CX technologies

Glance, the industry leader in Guided Customer Experience (CX) solutions, was named among notable vendors in Forrester’s recent report, “The Customer Journey Orchestration Landscape, Q1 2024” (January 26, 2024). This timely report covers the latest trends in CX and customer journey technology for 2024, and is meant to help organizations “understand the value they can expect from a customer journey orchestration vendor, learn how vendors differ, and investigate options based on size and market focus.”

In an era when customer journey orchestration (CJO) is increasingly complex yet critical for business success, Forrester’s report sheds light on how journey orchestration can improve experiences in real time, leveraging a combination of data, AI, and other CX technologies. It highlights the challenges organizations face with disparate data and systems and how overcoming these can lead to a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey from pre-sales to customer retention.

Glance, with its innovative Guided CX™ platform, is at the forefront of providing solutions that align with organizations focused on adapting to constantly evolving customer needs to deliver empathetic experiences. The company’s technology enables meaningful and timely human connections with customers, an essential part of effective customer journeys.

“We believe being included in Forrester’s CJO report underscores the relevance and impact of our Guided CX solutions in the evolving landscape of digital customer experience,” said Tom Martin, CEO of Glance. “Our role as a strategic partner is to empower organizations to navigate and excel in customer experience, ensuring a seamless, engaging, and empathic customer journey.”

David Butler, Glance SVP of Product and Strategy, said, “As organizations become increasingly adept at detecting points of friction or moments of opportunity during customers’ active journeys, the ability to take immediate and appropriate action is essential. This is where Glance Guided CX steps in. Glance helps enable fully immersive, visual collaboration at the very moment a customer needs assurance and guidance from a human. This acknowledgment by Forrester is a testament, for us, of Glance’s commitment to staying at the cutting edge of CX technology, offering effective, proven solutions for leading enterprises exploring CJO.”

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